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1 Pair of Pants 3 Ways

A few weeks ago I was out shopping with my best friend and for me, any shopping trip is not complete with a browse through Anthro. On a whim, I picked up a pair of white wide leg sweatpants and after trying them on I could instantly see multiple outfits created with the super comfy, super soft pants. Due to the fact that they were only $19, I snagged a pair in my size (XS – they do run big and I could have gone down to an XXS) and have been wearing them nonstop.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share 3 different ways I’ve styled them: loungewear, casual, and dressy.

Outfit 1 - Lounge

Good loungewear is almost as important to me as a closet full of nice dresses. I wear comfy/casual clothes about 80% of my life now and have found that fit and material are things I notice if they’re not great. Even in the summer if I’m sitting at my desk for 9+ hours of the day (typical) wearing leggings or lightweight pants work so much better than jeans.

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Pairing these bottoms with one of my favorite summer sweatshirts was a no-brainer for this loungewear look. Also from Anthro, but by the brand Sol Angeles, my sweatshirt is a go-to cozy day pick. It’s soft and light and also pairs perfectly with shorts or leggings.

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Outfit 2 – Casual

Next up is my causal look, perfect for errand running, coffee shop hopping, or informal lunch dates. I love the look of a structured denim jacket and looser bottoms, adding a touch of contrast to outfits makes them a bit more interesting! Layer a simple tank underneath in case the heat is more than you can take and then tie the jacket around your waist or shoulders.

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Outfit 3 - Dressy

So I admit, this one was a bit of stretch. While the style of these pants is so suitable for all occasions, I don’t know if I would truly wear sweatpants out to a nice restaurant, event, or occasion. I would, however, wear them on a mid-week, casual date night. And I would pair them with a breathable tank, comfortable heels, and my go-to jewelry for an easy and chic (and comfy) alternative to a dress or shorts.

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