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December 30, 2019

2019 Year in Review

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I love these types of posts. First of all, they always shock me when they come ’round. It never feels like a full year since I put the last one together and yet here we are. Second, it’s a really lovely reminder of the growth of this platform and the lovely people I’ve got to interact with along the way.

Running this blog is a full-time job but it’s also a small small business. I have to file taxes, market, manage, and take risks just the same as any other business owner. It’s a beautiful, wonderful job but it’s also easy to get lost in the day-to-day and wonder if I’m making an impact or doing a good job.

Posts like this one help remind me that growth is slow but very real. That people are engaging with my content and appreciating my hard work (because this job is HARD work). It’s a celebration of amazing opportunities and small success stories that have turned into big personal wins.

If you think I’m just taking this post to brag or throw accomplishments in your face you can stop reading or you can know that I write a post like this to encourage everyone out there who inevitably feels like they’re shouting in a void at some point in their small business career. I write this post to share with you the things we’ve been able to do together – because none of this would be possible without you – my wonderful readers.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking moments out of your day the last year to connect with me on this platform and my other channels. I’m so excited to dedicated 100% of my time to this space in the coming year and see where it takes us!

Campaigns and Collaborations

In 2019, I’ve had the ability to work with some truly amazing brands:

We started out with a campaign for Kihels featuring skincare and a review of their classic products. (I still use these products btw.)

Things got a lot more beautiful after we partnered with ProFlowers. And then we got the bunch needed energy boost with Gevalia Coffee.

A bar car was set and 3 delicious mocktail recipes were created in collaboration with Taste Drink Go. Then we scooted down for a quick trip to Charleston where I was excited to share a new brand called Botanics Beauty alongside my spring skincare routine.

I was so lucky to work with one of my favorite jewelry brands AUrate 3 times in 2019 showcasing multiple pieces of jewelry that I wear every single day. Honestly, they’re such a classic brand and because of my newfound loyalty I turned down other jewelry collabs just to stay true to my recommendations. 

crisp summer neutrals and gold jewelry

As many of you know in April we bought a house!! and started renovating literally the next day. It was grueling to say the least and when I wasn’t working on the computer we were ripping out walls and painting and designing kitchens.

In the midst of the home excitement I had some incredible opportunities to partner with home brands.

We painted the interior of our entire home in Clare paint after a successful partnership. A team of movers did the heavy lifting for us thanks to one of my favorite partnerships with Hire a Helper.

We watched unwanted debris hauled away and a stressful tool room organized into a lovely guest bedroom with the Bagster Bag.

Our home was secured with OneLink, our guest bedroom outfitted by The Organic Futon Co, and our Living Room got a massive upgrade thanks to Rooms to Go.

In 2019, I’ve worked with some of my all-time favorite brands like Toms, LARQ, Benefit, T3, Schmidts Home Care, and Public Goods.

I’ve grown my content into areas I never thought possible (i.e. home renovation/design) and been chosen for campaigns I never thought possible!

Growth + Goals

I’ve always been an analytics person and I’ve always believed that keeping track of your analytics via Google Analytics is one of the best ways to measure success on a digital platform.

Thanks to a strategic Pinterest campaign and doubling down on SEO efforts I saw consistent growth in traffic on my blog and was able to grow and maintain 70% more blog traffic this year over 2018.

And not only has my blog traffic grown but my Pinterest stats are honestly so exciting. Steady growth over the last year has brought me to over 50,000 monthly engaged visitors and 1.5 million monthly views on my pins.

Instagram continues to be… well, Instagram. I love interacting with the followers that do engage and follow me but it’s a platform that I didn’t put much effort into and for that I’m so thankful.

Social media can be very hard on your mental health. The comparison game is tough to overcome as we’ve all been hearing about the last year. My solution was to put my hands up and just accept that it is what it is. As long as the platform is relevant I’ll be active on it, but no need to lose sleep over it.


And that pretty much brings us up to date and ready to jump into the next decade. I, of course, have lots of thoughts and ideas for 2020 and beyond – all of which I’m excited to share with you in a new series coming in January called “Letters from the Editor”.

We can have a conversation then about the future of blogging, the future of this blog, and the exciting things to come. For now, let’s enjoy the last few moments of 2019 with loved ones and take a moment to reflect on the amazing moments life brings our way.

See you soon. 


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