3 Fall Outfits From Everlane

Your fall basics, sorted. Everlane has it all - from quilted jackets to denim. Glove boots to cozy cashmere. Today, with just a handful of pieces from my fall capsule collection I'll be sharing three unique outfits that are created with two key pieces from Everlane.

Today's post will include:

  • A preview of Everlane's Fall/Winter 2021 Collection
  • Three Outfits for Fall
  • Review of the Quilted Coat (c/o)
  • Review of the Glove Boot (c/o)

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One of the main reasons Everlane is a classic shopping destination for me is their dedication to producing timeless styles that may be reminiscent of current trends but are not trendy. I don't have much time for trendy pieces in my wardrobe and find styling one-season trends not just a waste of time but also money.

This season, Everlane has some absolutely beautiful pieces that - while might be 'in style' at the moment are also very classic in style and could be worn and styled over the next 5-6 years.

New in Sweaters

  • The photo seen above is pulled from the Everlane website featuring their Felted Double-Breasted Cardigan a beautiful, timeless piece that pulls in some relevance from the current trends but could also be found in a vintage shop.
  • The Puff Sweater reminds of a cozy, lighter weight fisherman sweater and would be so cozy oversized with a pair of good suede leggings.

New in Denim

New in Cozy Outerwear

Brand New Seamless Collection

A full collection of on-body fit clothing for working out, wearing under items, or just for lounging. The leggings look particularly nice.

Screen Shot 2021 10 19 at 1 37 09 PM

image above via Everlane

Three Outfits for Fall

Important Meetings and Nice Dinners

A black skirt, white shirt, heeled boots and tan jacket is a combination that is so versatile.

Work events, nice dinners, presentations, even a fun evening out you'd be able to find a use for an outfit like this.

Tuck it away into the archives for later use if you're still staying home or keep it on a consistent rotation if your social life calls for it.

Jacket and boots are from Everlane, sweater and skirt are old but similar items linked below.

Jacket // Boots // Sweater // Skirt

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When the Dress Code is Business Casual

Wondering what to wear for a business casual event? Take comfort in the fact that everyone else is too.

A causal tunic, quilted jacket slung over your shoulder, heeled boots and faux leather pants come together to say you don't care and also care tremendously.

Lose the jacket if it's too warm. Add a cardigan if you need more warmth.

Jacket // Tunic // Pants // Boots

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Campfires and Apple Orchards

The ultimate casual ensemble, this denim, button down, quilted coat combo is a perfect Saturday throw on situation.

Pair it with a sweater on chilly days or a tee for warmer afternoons.

Jacket // Hat // Jeans // Boots

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Full Size Render 2
Full Size Render 4

Everlane Quilted Jacket Review

Quick Facts:

  • Color: Ochre (only 1 color)
  • Size: Small
  • Fit: Slightly boxy
  • Availability: selling out fast

This is a 100% cotton quilted, mid-thigh length jacket that I've found runs slightly boxy or oversized but I would not recommend sizing down because it's the type of jacket you would throw on over a bulky sweatshirt or sweater so you want it to be slightly large.

There's no collar on this jacket which threw me off a little at first but really adds to the very casual, almost blanket-vibes that this jacket gives off.

The jacket buttons all the way down with tortoise shell colored closures and overall has a very clean and minimal look without being boring. Two large pockets in the front will keep your fingers warm on a chilly day.

Everlane Glove Boot Review

Quick Facts:

  • Color: Toffee (also comes in black)
  • Size: 6
  • Fit: True to size
  • Availability: fully stocked except for size 7s

I didn't know what to expect with these boots but true to their name they fit like a glove. I think these are the first paired of heeled shoes I've put on and they instantly fit and are comfortable. Definitely a true to size fit but with quite a bit of stretch in the actual shoe. They fit like a sock and there's nothing that would rub, scrape or cause a blister.

These would make a great slightly dressy city if you're heading to a big city on vacation or work and want to elevate your style a bit. My only complaint is the lack of tread on the bottom of the shoe. The soles are a bit slick the first few times you wear them.