48 Hours in Charleston, South Carolina

I don’t want to call this a Charleston Travel Guide because although I’m familiar enough with Charleston, I don’t feel like I could speak on a full-blown guide to staying and enjoying the Holy City. However, I want share some of the top places we went, ate, and stayed in case you’re planning a weekend trip in the near future!

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Where To Stay in Charleston, SC

Every time we visit Charleston we actually end up staying in Mt. Pleasant at Airbnbs or boutique inns. They’re less expensive than staying downtown Charleston and I love that you can get to both the beach and downtown in just a few minutes (although driving that bridge terrifies me every time!)

Most recently we stayed at Post House Inn - a charming restaurant and inn in the Mt. Pleasant Old Village - and it was so perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

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Where We Ate in Charleston, South Carolina

Friday Lunch

The Park Cafe

Our first stop in Charleston was Hampton Park to enjoy the blooming trees and shoot a couple outfits so I knew grabbing something close by for lunch would be key.

I had heard about The Park Cafe from a few other Charleston bloggers and the recommendation did not disappoint. The cafe is a charming, plant-filled space with a delicious lunch/coffee menu. We scarfed down burgers and rough cut fries before heading back out to explore the rest of the neighborhood.

Friday Coffee

The Daily

Our second shoot of the day was around a darling little coffee shop called The Daily. Since we got caught in a rainstorm during the shoot we sprinted to the shop, looking forward to a warm beverage.

I’m a bit of a chai latte aficionado so when the barista said their chai was made in house I couldn’t refuse. It wasn’t the best chai I’ve ever had, but it ranked pretty high at the top of the list!

Friday Snack

Sugar Bakeshop

Can you tell we’re all about the food/coffee/snacks when we travel? If I’m walking a lot I need sustenance!

I’ve heard things about Sugar Bakeshop for years – mainly because it’s so cute – but in addition to a few photos we grabbed a dark chocolate chip brownie from inside.

It was hands down the best brownie I’ve ever had. I’m not a chocolate or sweets girl (give me potato chips before a cookie) but I throughly enjoyed eating that monster sweet!

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Friday Dinner

La Pizzeria

After exploring Cannon St. we went to the Airbnb to check in and get some work done. We weren’t expecting to do anything fancy for dinner so we grabbed a cheese pizza from La Pizzeria in Mt. Pleasant (which we also ate for lunch on Saturday).

Saturday Breakfast

Millers All Day

We had quite the shot list on Saturday so my one-track mind was focused on getting downtown and getting our work done. Thankfully, my very smart husband stopped me before we started shooting and forced me to sit down for breakfast.

I get hangry VERY fast and I was on the verge of becoming very unpleasant (sorry, Lee).

But thankfully after ordered a biscuit, fried chicken, and orange juice I was back to my normal self.

Saturday Coffee

Second State Coffee (downtown location)

Second State (formerly Black Tap) is our hands down our favorite coffee in Charleston – and actually their Heavy Weight coffee roast is our favorite of any roast of coffee we’ve ever drank.

I can actually drink their iced coffee black and enjoy the entire experience!

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Where We Shot (Photography)

Even if you’re not visiting Charleston to photograph its charm, we researched some of the prettiest residential streets to explore.

  • Cannon Street
  • Queen Street
  • Unitarian Church Gardens
  • Gateway Walk
  • Logan Street
  • Broad Street
  • S. John’s Lutheran Church
  • Archdale Street
  • Jacob’s Alley

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