While I'm not the first person to go all out for a Valentine's Day celebration, it is fun to have a February holiday – especially this year. We don't have many plans this year – normally we'll cook a nice meal at home – but I've been brainstorming some fun things to do in case you're wanting to celebrate in a bigger way this year.

Valentines Day Basic Invites 23
Valentines Day Basic Invites 5
Valentines Day Basic Invites 19
  • Cook Together – make the viral TikTok pasta, your favorite salad, or even a charcuterie board. It's the time spent together creating something that's so sweet.
  • Attend a Virtual Cooking Class – in the same vein, there are so many options for fun, online cooking classes. A professional chef will walk you through a recipe to create a delicious meal all at home.
  • Actually Write a Card This Year – sentiment only goes so far. Show your loved one you love them with a card and a handwritten note sharing why you love them and the reasons you're thankful for them. If you don't have time to buy a card, dig out some construction paper like you're in 2nd grade again!
  • Decorate with Themed Decor – finally, an excuse to fully remove all the Christmas decor. Replace with some pink, red, white decor and add some hearts for good measure.
  • Order Your Favorite Cake or Dessert – from decadent brownies to a slice of sweet potato cake, splurge a little with a dessert from your favorite bakery or shop
  • Create or Find a Romantic Playlist – Spotify has some really great playlists that are curated with classic, acoustic, and romantic music. My favorites are:
    1. Light Academia Classical
    2. Romantic Instrumental
    3. Love Letter
  • Get Outside Together and Go on A Walk – bundle up if it's cold where you are and find a park or trail to get outside and walk. Some of Lee and I's best conversations have been outside while on a walk or hike!