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November 2, 2018

A Gift to Remember with Trollbead’s Stardust Collection

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Outfit Details: 

Bracelet (designed with the new Trollbeads Stardust Collection) | Pants | Boots | Vest(similar)

Thank you to Trollbeads for sponsoring this post. And thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running! 

And just like that, we start the magical journey into the holiday season. If time doesn’t urge us along too quickly I’m excited to relish in the slower moments and the spirit of the season. And if I can get some ideas started, November is THE BEST time to start the holiday shopping. I recently saw that 15% of shoppers begin their Christmas hunt in October or earlier! While I’m not quite that dedicated to the hunt, I do love sharing gift ideas and amazing brands with you all starting early so if you find yourself in a gift pickle you can maybe find some inspiration on these blog pages. Today’s post is dedicated to a brand that makes the perfect gift for others or yourself.

trollbead's Stardust collection

If you’ve been around the blog for a bit, you’ll remember that not too long ago I posted about a new-to-me brand of jewelry called Trollbeads. I’m not a big wearer of jewelry and often don’t give jewels a second thought unless they have a story or sentimental value attached to them. Trollbeads takes the best part about wearing jewelry – using them to enhance an outfit – and pairs it with a story. Each bead has a different meaning and you can mix and match the beautiful and affordable selection to tell your unique memory or story.

trollbead's Stardust collection trollbead's Stardust collection

The Stardust Collection is the perfect one to browse as we enter the holiday season. Beautifully detailed beads in sparkling blues, deep reds, and shimmering golds emulate the festivities of the season and pair nicely with the silver bracelet or bangle.

I picked out four new beads to add to my growing collection – the Blue Twinkle, Yellow Twinkle, Stardust, and Pyrite bead. Pairing that with the silver bracelet and darling butterfly clip I now have a signature piece to last me through the holiday season. Coincidentally, it also pairs perfectly with a book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate – that’s when you know you have a winning bracelet design!

trollbead's Stardust collection trollbead's Stardust collection

If bracelets aren’t your cup of tea, I love that the beads come separate from the bracelet and are so versatile. I’ve strung them on a long necklace chain for a unique statement piece or you could even add them on a hair clasp for a fun holiday party hairstyle.

trollbead's Stardust collection

There’s something about whites in the winter. Now that the Labor Day rule about wearing white is a thing of the past, it’s a fun challenge to work whites and neutrals into chilly weather outfits with layers and textures like lantern sleeves and suede/faux fur vests. I think the key to wearing a white-on-white outfit is to let the unique shades speak for themselves. We’re beyond the point in fashion where blacks have to match or shades of white need to be identical – live large and pair ivory with eggshell, no judgment here!

trollbead's Stardust collection trollbead's Stardust collection

But enough about fashion… we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, best teacher friend, co-worker, grandmother, or yourself! Trollbeads makes it very easy to get started with the story you want to tell. With a step by step guide for finding the perfect bead and bracelet design, it’s an easy (and fun!) process that is sure to be a magical moment for the recipient. Add to the unboxing by writing out the meaning of the bracelet and what each bead represents – it’ll be a gift that’s hard to top!

trollbead's Stardust collection trollbead's Stardust collection

Discover the magic of the new Stardust Collection for yourself on the Trollbeads website.

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