A Morning at the South Carolina Botanical Garden

Last weekend Lee and I were headed off to north Georgia for a quick shopping trip and since the weather was so lovely we decided to make a quick detour and stop by the South Carolina Botanical Gardens on the campus of Clemson University. I had been to the gardens only once before and my memories did not disappoint.

If you’re looking for a serene, semi-quiet (we had a mother trying to take pictures of her screaming toddler following us for part of the time) retreat from the South Carolina summer sun, these seemingly endless gardens are for you. With almost 300 acres of well-kept gardens, nature trails, streams, and ponds you could wander for hours just observing the nature all around you and still not come to the end of the preserve.

And while most of the area is dedicated toward preserving the native plant species, several flower varieties were in full bloom. Some of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, spilled across the paths, creating picture perfect opportunities.

If you’re in Greenville, SC or the surrounding areas and looking for a great place to take senior photos, engagement photos, go bird watching, or just meander through nature, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Botanical Gardens and all they have to offer.

Botanical Gardens 5 1
Botanical Gardens 10