Thank you so much to Earth Shoes for gifting me the shoes worn in this post. All opinions are my own.

I’ve talked quite a bit on the blog about investment pieces. About paring down a wardrobe to consist of only well-loved, well-worn items that can stand the test of time. And while I may be as guilty as the next person about buying that H&M sale sweater or yet another pair of jeans, I’m much more guarded and cautious with my shoe collection.

I have my favorites – chelsea boots by Toms, snow boots by J.Crew, trainers by Adidas – and I don’t often add or accept additions without careful testing. If there’s one thing I learned about fashion early on it’s that if your feet are uncomfortable everything else will be miserable.

Earth Shoes One 8
Earth Shoes One 12
Earth Shoes One 16

A while ago the company Earth Shoes reached out to me and asked if I wanted to promote a couple pieces from their latest fall collection. Apart from Toms I haven’t worked with any other shoe brand because I’m just that particular with how shoes fit my feet. Also, comfort is key. Always know I will opt for comfort over fashion.

So, after some academic paper level research, I agreed to the collaboration because of two very impressive facts about Earth Shoes:

1. They are a sustainable company practicing transparency in both their materials used and creation of the shoes. Read their philosophy here.

2. They place an emphasis on comfort as well as style to produce a great end product.

Earth Shoes One 1
Earth Shoes One 3
Earth Shoes One 5

After a bit of debating, I picked out two different shoe styles that are perfect for the fall season. Tans and browns go with any outfit (in my opinion) so honestly most of my boots are just different styles of the same color.

The Avani 2 in Bone Brown are styled in this post and my initial reaction after wearing them for just a little bit is mostly positive. They have a tremendous arch support that cushions to my actual foot. I tried them on first with heavy socks and I think it eliminated one of the best features of the shoe (beyond the look of it).

Standing they are so comfortable and well padded but I definitely need to break them in a bit more before hitting the trails (or the mall).

Earth Shoes One 13
Earth Shoes One 7

I think they are a really great, high quality boot that might be best if you sized up with them – I wear a size 6 and I think to wear them comfortably for long distances a 6.5 would be my best bet.

But overall, with no prior experience with the brand (and also no obligation to give them a good review) I’m really happy to add them to my collection.

I can see them holding up well on hikes, in the rain, and around Greenville in the fading winter when the slush has overtaken the streets and sidewalks. If you’re looking for an addition to your fall shoe collection (or didn’t know you were until just now) there are so many more reasons to love Earth Shoes and I’d love for you to discover and potentially support this awesome brand for yourself!