Green Overalls 7

A New Take on An Old Look

Full disclosure: these photos are from 2018.

August is always the hardest *read warmest* month to shoot photos and since social distancing has taken away quite a few of our normal photo shoot locations, sometimes I've been stealing content from past posts and updating them, 2020 style. BUT with a well-aged outfit comes the chance to re-invent it or remember how great it actually was. And this outfit was pretty great. It checked my three C's of a summertime outfit: cool, comfy, chic while making me feel like I was actually keeping up to date with trends.

Green Overalls 11
Green Overalls 13
Green Overalls 15
Green Overalls 4

Made from a linen-blended material these overalls are surprisingly easy to wear in the dead of summer and since they're loose it's a comfy style to slip into in the morning and not have any discomfort by the evening.

I ended up rolling them twice at the bottom, even paired with heels because I'm only 5'1" and nothing fits me without fiddling. And speaking of heels, these guys have gotten so many miles put on them with nary a scratch or aching foot. I'm a big fan of mules through the warmer months and if I weren't wearing heels I'd slip these guys on with the look.

Green Overalls 2
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Green Overalls 12