A Sustainability Conversation

Thank you to Schmidt’s for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own.

I suppose to some extent I was destined to care about sustainability. Growing up, sustainability wasn’t a buzzword or a trending topic but in my childhood home it was just part of life. We composted and recycled. We grew both veggie and fruit gardens and never used plastic bottles, plastic bags or plastic straws.

We bought secondhand clothing, rarely shopped fast fashion brands, and single-use anything was non-existent. Mom made her own dish soap, laundry soap, and household cleaners. Things that are trendy and healthy and sustainable now were just part of normal life back then.

That mindset has definitely helped me easily embrace the idea of sustainability as an adult because it just feels like coming home.

I love the fact that often sustainable practices go hand in hand with natural products, clean eating, fewer chemicals, etc.

Schmidt’s is a brand that I was familiar with in name only but when we starting talking for a potential partnership I realized they truly embodied a new type of product line: one that makes no apologies for their natural products and are recognized for setting new standards of excellence in their offerings.

You’re likely familiar with their deodorant line (I believe that was their first product offering) but I want to feature a newer product that just found its way into Whole Foods stores across the nation: their natural detergent and cleaning products.

I found both products in my local Whole Foods and ended up bringing the Cleaning Vinegarhome with me to test out. They have three scents of this product (the smell of any type of cleaning product is very important to me, natural or not) and I went with the Citrus and Minerals scent. Clean and fresh was the order of the day.

Schmidts 3
Schmidts 1

It works beautifully on my kitchen counters and my bathrooms. The scent isn’t my absolute favorite natural cleaning scent of all time but it doesn’t linger and definitely smells fresh and clean. It honestly would be the perfect product for cleaning up after a dog or cat because the vinegar scent cuts through just about any other odor and it’s 100% safe to use around pets and kids.

Ultimately, it works like a charm, doesn’t fill my home with chemicals, and sells at a really affordable price point. All pluses for my “working toward sustainable” lifestyle.

It’s a work in progress, sustainability is. I do find myself buying paper towels and plastic baggies on occasion but it’s the small steps that can make a big difference in the health of your family and your own eco-system. Buying 100% natural detergents that are free from chemicals and dyes keep the water cleaner and reduce the allergens and chemicals put on your body. Vinegar-based cleaners eliminate bleach in your home. Both of which can dramatically improve your life and the world around you.

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