A Tour of My Indoor Plants

We don't have cats, dogs, hamsters, or birds. We have plants. 14 indoor plant friends to be precise, all of them loved and cared for by myself. And since every time I show the inside of my house people ask and comment on my plant collection, I wanted to share what indoor plants we have and how I care for them.

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A List of Our Indoor Plants

  • 2 Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees
  • 2 Rubber Plants
  • 1 Snake Plant
  • 1 aloe vera plant
  • 3 succulents
  • 1 cactus
  • 1 ponytail palm
  • 1 prayer plant
  • 1 jade plant
  • 1 Golden Pothos
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care & Maintenance

We have two fiddle leaf fig trees. One I've had since graduating college – 6 years now! – the other we've had about 2 1/2 years now. My 6 year old one is well and thriving.I keep him in an Eastern facing window with sheer curtains and give him about 2 cups of water every week in the summer.

Our big fiddle tree has been dying the moment we brought it home (made worse by a bad bit of root rot at the beginning.) He's about 7 feet tall and sits near our Southwest sliding glass door. I water him about 4 cups every week and wipe down his leaves with a damp rag every 2 weeks.

During the summer I also like to mist their leaves with a little spray bottle to simulate the jungle environment they're native to.

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Rubber Plants Care & Maintenance

I absolutely love the deep green leaves of the rubber plants and they are known for their amazing ability to purify the air. Our huge rubber plant was a dumpster rescue at our old apartment. Someone was about to throw it out thinking it was dead but now he's made a full recovery and tripled in size.

I keep both sitting in indirect light in our dining room and water 2 cups for the big guy and let our little one dry out in between full waterings.

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Favorite Indoor Pots & Planters

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Golden Pothos

These little ones are known to grow and they love to hang. Their leaves are toxic to animals so if you have a cat or dog in the house you'll want to keep this out of reach.

I keep ours on top of the refrigerator and let the leaves cascade down one side. They're also known to be pretty hardy and I tend to water him infrequently in the winter and once per week in the summer and peak growing time.

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