About the Samsung Frame TV + Our Living Room Plans

We've owned the trendiest TV on the market for just about a year now and since everyone seems to be talking about it I thought I would add in my two cents.

When we moved into our home in June 2019 we knew there was no other place for a TV except for over the "fireplace" which is a focal point for the entire downstairs. (That's the thing about an open concept home, no place to hide!) I've always lived with a TV hidden away - either in cabinets or tucked into corners, so right away we knew a large black box on the wall wasn't an option.

The Samsung Frame TV came to our attention years ago pre-launch and we always had in it in the back of our minds as the ideal TV.

About the Samsung Frame TV

What makes this television so special *and pricey* is its impressive ability to look like a framed photograph or piece of art on the wall. When you're not watching it, the default mode is a low energy photograph of your choice that can be changed and customized.

You can adjust things like the frame, surrounding mat, brightness, and ambient colors to make it seamlessly blend into a gallery wall or just look like a photo on display.

Frame TV 4
Frame TV 2

Our Samsung Frame TV Specs

We own the 50" Samsung Frame TV. It is a Smart TV as well which is so convenient for watching our favorite shows and movies on apps and streaming platforms. And in case you care it has a 4K UHD HDR picture.

*don't ask me what that means. I have no clue. But the picture is very sharp.*

Thoughts on the Frame TV

After a year, I still love it. Now, to be fair, I care more about the aesthetics of my living room than the best, highest quality TV on the market and the Samsung Frame TV definitely delivers on prettiness. But, I personally think it's a really great TV for picture quality and all the normal TV things that you could ask for. One final feature that I love is the lack of chords. No matter the size, the Frame TV comes with a single, clear, flexible chord that runs from the bottom of the TV to a small black box that can easily be tucked away. A big improvement from the heavy black plastic chords of other TVs!

It is pricy. It's on sale right now and they're slightly less than what we paid last year but it's not an investment to take lightly. We took our time, visited our local Best Buy to see one in person and waited until Black Friday deals started popping up before pulling the trigger. But I'm 100% glad we went with this TV.

Frame TV 3
Frame TV 5
Frame TV 1

Now, as you can see although we have the pretty TV, the rest of our living room looks a little haphazard. (One of the perks of renovating in stages!) But one of our big home projects in 2021 is the "TV wall" of the living room. We've played around with a lot of ideas and designs and although we're still narrowing down between some design options, generally this is a picture of what the far living room wall will look like.

*all inspo photos pulled from Pinterest

Modern bookcase inspiration

We want dark built-in bookcases on either side of a revamp fireplace with an electric fireplace insert. There's plans for a full stack of wood to live in it's perfect Scandinavian-inspired glory and both bookcases will be dedicated to the beautiful books we've started to amass.

We'll keep the Frame TV in it's current spot and build up a moody, cozy living around it! We're so excited to start this project.