It always amazes me at how fast Amazon is becoming the world's online mall. One click, two days and pretty much whatever you need is at your doorstep - including the latest fashion trends, hot brands, and classic pieces.

I've used Prime Wardrobe in the past to get a feel for how pieces fit me, if I like the style, etc. And this post is dedicated to spring pieces that are easily accessible on Amazon and Prime Wardrobe.

While I'm not normally one to jump on trends, I couldn't resist picking and styling a few pieces that are pretty hot this season - like the mom jean. I'm sharing my four favorite looks below - all pulled from


Outfit One – Denim on Denim


BB Dakota Crop Top | Denim Jacket |

This is a bold look for me. Trendy, very trendy and likely not something I would actually wear out of the house. So why style it?

Call me curious. The mom jean trend has absolutely taken over the fashion world. Skinny jeans have been deemed "uncool" along with side parts and being in your late 20s. But, I don't live my life according to trends, so my skinny jeans and slim jeans will be just fine, thanks.

I will say the Levi's I ordered for this try on are exceptionally comfortable. Baggy denim is forgiving in more ways than one, but ultimately I just think I'm too short to really pull this trend off well. As for denim on denim, it's not bad. I'm in the market for a denim jacket so I may keep this one around for its well balanced, oversized look.

Amazon Fashion 4
Amazon Fashion 5

OUTFIT TWO: Square Neck and Puff Sleeves


White Top | Denim

This look is much more my style and while the jeans are the same as the look above, they work much better with a feminine top in a neutral. I think this is the only way I would style baggy jeans - playing up the contrast with a square neck blouse that has some darling details.

I love that the square neck, puffed sleeves are coming back into style – maybe we have Bridgerton to thank? Not every single square neck blouse style looks good on me, but there are some beautiful patterns and prints on the market that would be perfect for spring!

Amazon Fashion 8
Amazon Fashion 6

OUTFIT THREE: Active at Home


Jacket | Leggings | Shoes | Hat

Nothing too revolutionary about this outfit, expect that you'll likely see me wearing some version of this at least twice a week. The Champion jacket is pretty much perfect and brings in that vintage 80s vibe with the crinkly fabric (we used to call it swishy fabric when all our athletic pants were made of of the same early 2000s material).

I love a monochromatic look, even in my lounge/activewear and I'll always be reaching for neutral colors.

Amazon Fashion 1


Top | Denim

I'm going to be honest with you, I didn't love the way this outfit looked. Again, the mom jeans with the slightly oversized top just didn't photograph well and I felt a little frumpy.

The blouse itself is beautiful and definitely a splurge from the brand Paige but I would style it with fitted denim or skirts before the jeans pictured.

Which I think is a really good lesson to learn – trends and styles will always come and go. Don't worry fellow millennials, skinny jeans will be cool again. But if you know your style, body type, and what you feel comfortable in, it's a lot easier to pass on trends (and save a lot of money in the process) and stick to the classics you know and love.