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Avoid Overpacking with These Three Tips

A few days ago I asked on IG what type of pre-travel content you all wanted to see on a blog post. Over the years I’ve read SO many “here’s how I pack for a week-long trip” posts and while they’re interesting, they’re not always the most helpful. Because I want Some Pretty Thing to be a resource for the modern woman, I always want to make sure the posts on here are authentic and truly helpful for you!

I got some amazing responses back from my IG audience asking everything from “best airport tips” to “how to avoid overpacking” and I wanted to share some of my tried and true packing methods with you. Now, I have not traveled extensively in my life yet. 5-6 trips per year – from weekends away to week-long adventures is about the extent of what we can do with busy work schedules, but because our trips often include creating content for SPT, I have to be a little more intentional about what I pack and what I bring.

Start With the Location

Once we’ve decided on dates and location I immediately start packing in my head. Strange? Probably. But when I create blog content I put so much thought into the creative direction behind each shoot/outfit/location. I want to make sure the colors work, the style is right, etc. For most people, you won’t ever have to worry about that, but it’s always in the back of my head. Obviously, when packing checking the weather of the location you’re heading to is important and if it’s a new place, chances are you’ll need to pack a few extra essentials to adapt to your environment. For instance, I always like to bring along a rain jacket. It’s an easy piece to roll up and stick in the bottom of my suitcase, a nice layer to have if the forecast isn’t cooperating, and often is handy in the evenings to keep the chill away while walking to dinner.

Also, when you know your location you can plan your outfits around your footwear. I don’t know about you but the WORST thing to have happen during a trip are blisters. If my feet are uncomfortable I just can’t manage so I prep for the location and bring comfy shoes (mainly boots) to survive the many miles per day of sightseeing.

Plan Your Outfits Ahead of Time

I’ve heard a lot of people have different takes on this idea. Personally, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t planned out my outfits for vacation days. It helps you avoid overpacking and worrying about matching shoes to dresses during your time of relaxation and fun.

So here’s how I plan out my outfits:

  1. Pull all the clothes I currently have that fit the location and style out of my closet and onto my clothing rack so I can exactly what I have and if I’m missing anything.
  2. Start to pair base layer outfits: here I only focus on pants, tops, and shoes
  3. Add in top layers and accessories to amp up the outfit
  4. Take a photo of the outfit

For a week-long trip, I like to plan for one day outfit and 4 evening outfits that can be mixed and matched. We don’t always go out to fancy restaurants when we’re traveling so I don’t plan for many evening outfits.

After I have all of my ideal outfits I look to see if there are any gaps or overlaps in my clothing choices. For instance, if I’m planning on wearing 3 different ivory crew neck sweaters over and under clothing, I’ll narrow it down to bringing only one of the sweaters and adapt it for each different outfit.

Invest in Packing Accessories

From packing cubes to organizational pouches, packing accessories are truly a space-saver when it comes to packing a large or carry on suitcase. My shoes I like to put in dust bags to keep them clean, my jewelry I pack away into my Coach travel organizer, socks go in purses, and travel documents find a home in one convenient pouch.

If your an organizational freak like I am you’ll also include a laundry bag for dirty clothes, and additional packing cubes like these ones for extra space and organization.