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Basic vs. Classic Style

I've heard it often around the internet - "that outfit is just too basic".

I'm not actually sure if anyone knows what that means. Usually, it's uttered by a disgruntled member of Gen Z when someone doesn't dress like Hailey Bieber (don't get me wrong, love her style!) or it's apologetically laughed out by a Millennial so they can establish their cool credentials.

But hear me out, what if basic style is actually just classic style?

Is there actually a difference between basic and classic?

I'm going to argue no - there is no difference, it's just how you position it. So for all my girls in their late 20s, 30s, 40s who are nervous about an outfit being too basic, let's reposition it to be classic instead.

Let's celebrate and embrace our own personal style - whether you resonate with that Y2K fashion coming back around or if you're a white tank and skinny jeans lady for the rest of time.

I've rounded up a few outfits and styles that may be formerly considered "basic" but are in reality clean, simple, classic pieces that everyone should actually have in their wardrobe.

Spring Outfit

I'm sorry, who said a hoodie, shorts, and tennis shoes was basic? Silly friends, it's classic.

Grey Hoodie

Denim Shorts

Adidas Sneakers


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As Classic as You Can Get

A white tee and mid-toned denim. If I can't wear this, I'm wearing sweatpants all day long, thanks.

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Good American White Tee 3