I'm still very much a newbie gardener. Two raised bed gardens, some potted plants, and three blueberry bushes are my current plot of growth, but it's a hobby I fiercely miss in the winter months and come the beginning of February I'm already planning and plotting my late winter/early spring planting schedule.

Through this winter I've been cultivating my gardening hobby online instead of in-person by reading lots of gardening publications, learning more about growing climate, and finding inspiration in winter gardens - particularly of England.

I'm excited to share lots of gardening content this year with you all as it's something I get lots of requests for throughout the year. Perhaps we'll make it a recurring weekly post with updates and inspiration?

But for now I wanted to share a quick post about the beauty of winter gardens from some of my favorite gardening publications and experts. Links and attribution are below the photo in case you want to do a deeper dive.

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Photo via House & Garden UK to accompany a lovely article on winter gardens.


Image pulled from Monty Don's ( the UK's premier horticulturist ) personal winter garden.

Frank Heijligers Dutch Winter Garden 12
Frank Heijligers Dutch Winter Garden 13

Frank Heijligers for Gardenista

Robin burning bush 0

Another great Gardenista article about a winter berry garden for the birds.

Kitchen Garden 17
Gardening 5
Kitchen Garden 10 scaled