Beauty Brand Spotlight: Mamonde

I first learned about the botanical-based beauty brand Mamonde back in 2018. Like with most things in my life I was first drawn in by the beautiful packaging and then intrigued by their approach to skincare.

Founded in South Korea, Mamonde has been in the business of cultivating a skincare brand inspired by flowers since 1991. It's been only in the last few years that their products have made it to the US, but are now sold in Ulta stores across the country.

The very first product I tried of theirs was the classic favorite Rose Water Toner. It's a softly scented, balancing and hydrating product that was one of the first toners that didn't dry my skin out considerably. Since then I've tested, tried, and re-bought a number of their other products and thus far none have failed to impress me.

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Mamonde Products I've Tried and Loved

  1. Floral Moisturizer Cream – I just finished my second round of this product and it's still one of my favorite lightweight, daytime moisturizers. The scent is subtle but pretty and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
  2. Calendula Hyrdo Sleeping Mask (they no longer make this product) – this product was OK, but I'm not really surprised they morphed it into this product. It was a bit of an odd consistency and made my face feel wet until it sank in. Not my favorite, but it did the job of an intense overnight moisturizer.
  3. Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser Not my favorite cleanser of all time, it did dry my skin out on occasion, but the consistency is absolutely beautiful and you really feel like you're giving your skin a good cleanse when you use it.
  4. Rose Water TonerOne of my favorite products for sure. It's a hydrating version of a toner so there was absolutely zero drying or redness from this product. 10/10 would recommend.

Mamonde Products I Want To Try

  1. Sheet Masks – I've yet to try any of them and they look really lovely. Especially this Camellia Flower Lab mask that promotes smoother, luminous skin.
  2. Pore Clean Stick - I don't think I have particularly clogged pores but this product is intriguing. It looks like a mask and a scrub in one product.
  3. Vital Vitamin Essence Six vitamins are packed into this serum and I'd be up to try it, especially since I'm not currently using any serums or oil in my skincare routine at the moment.
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