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June 26, 2019

Behind the Feed: A Look at How I Create Sponsored Content

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If you happened to catch the Instagram Stories I posted a little bit ago, you’ll know I had the privilege to partner with one of my long-time favorite brands, EOS.

Their lip balms are about as classic as lemonade in the summer so much so it was common for me years ago to never leave the house without a tube or two in tow.

But this post isn’t about my love of EOS, rather, I want to share my creative process. This was a little bit of a different campaign for me. I didn’t get paid to work with the brand and it’s not an actual #ad, rather EOS sent me a lovely package with their latest collection of products and some ingredients to make drinks the flavors were based on.

Bigger bloggers get on PR lists and receive packages like these every day, but for me it’s a special occasion when a lovely package with a new collection comes my way.

I had opted in participate in this campaign and when the package showed up, so did my creative brief. A creative brief is often sent over by a brand sharing their vision and direction for the content we (bloggers/influencers) create. It does not in any way influence my own evaluation of the product but it does give a general direction for the brand’s vision of the content.

Right off the bat, I knew wanted to create a different type of content for this campaign. Beauty/product shots are pretty difficult to create.

The reason you see so many influencers post similar poses and shots is because it’s truly very difficult to create unique content with a product like a small tube of lip balm. Nevertheless, I wanted to do EOS justice and steer away from holding the product out to the camera and posing with my hand on my hip in typical blogger fashion.

I went to Pinterest first as inspiration. I was looking for a style. An emotion. A pose. All this to help me communicate a story. Pinterest is almost always where I start for the campaigns where I don’t have a direction for immediately.

An hour or so later I had saved multiple pins for other shoots coming up, but had yet to find that spark for EOS.

I put my phone away and got ready for bed when an idea started to form in my mind. Naturally, it was 10:30 at night and my mind was already off to the races. I had no choice but to storyboard out this idea and the more it grew on a piece of cardboard in front of me the more I knew this was my direction.

The brand had graciously given us the option to do an IG post or Stories. Because I wanted to break the typical product shot  mold, I knew I wanted to share my four favorite flavors on Stories.

Four Stories – 15 seconds a piece – with a small video that helped capture the essence of the flavor. Themed mini videos that flowed one right into the other with clever transitions and two unifying elements to bring it tougher: EOS and white outfits.

Once I had the concept I started scripting out what I would wear, where I would shoot, how to transition from one shot to the next, and other small details.

Admittedly, the concept in my head was full-on Vogue. I always shoot for extravagant during the concepting phase and pull back in realty because no one has the time or budget to buy 30 dozen roses, fly to lavender fields, or jaunt out to the beach.

Once the storyboards were created, I mapped out when we (my husband and I) would shoot and then planned enough time for editing after we got the shots. Post-production is just as important as pre-production.

After exporting the final video, I went back to the creative brief, added in the tags and hashtags so the brand could track the campaign and then posted the final creative.

All in all I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. A deviation from your typical shoot and such a fun campaign to create for an amazing brand!

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  1. Madi Rowan
    June 26, 2019

    I love hearing about the creative process people go through! I find it helps keeps me inspired & full of new ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    -Madi xo |