Books for April 4

Books I've Finished Lately

I've really fallen off posting about what books I've read lately. I was on the ball with it for a while, but then the holidays slowed my reading schedule down a bit and I've been busy with some other life things, but I've finished some darling books recently and wanted to share in case you're looking for sweet stories, cozy mysteries, and darling romances.

Author: Maddie Please

Sisters Behaving Badly

The Old Ducks Club

A Year of New Adventures

Maddie Please is a new to me author who I found in the Kindle Unlimited store. I had found Sisters Behaving Badly first and fell in love with her genre and style of writing.

All three of the books above I would highly recommend if you're looking for easy reading. I read them all on my Kindle and surprisingly have never seen any Maddie Please books in used bookstores recently, so you may have to be creative in order to acquire them.

Books for April 3

Author: Peter Mayle

A Year in Provence

The Vintage Caper (fiction)

I've been really into travel literature recently after spending a good portion of last year reading Frances Mayes books about exploring Italy and renovating a home in Tuscany.

Peter Mayle is her French counterpart of sorts who writes beautifully about French food, culture, and heists. He has a whole "capers" series which are fun, low key mysteries to read.

Books for April 1

Author: Jenny Colgan

The Bookshop on the Shore

500 Miles from You

Sweet Shop of Dreams

In my mind, Jenny Colgan can do no wrong. Her books are exactly what I expect every single time and are perfectly book or baking related.

Sometimes I go back and read a novel or two of hers just to be reminded of sweet and simple stories in life.

Books for April 2