Since Christmas, there’s been one item of clothing that I’ve been wearing nonstop – and that’s my 100% Human sweatshirt from Everlane. I’ve gotten so many questions and comments about the sweatshirt and the meaning behind it that I wanted to do a little brand spotlight today on why it was created and what it means!

I think I discovered the brand Everlane through an Instagram ad or maybe Lee did, but either way, I hadn’t heard too much about the company up until late 2016 or early 2017. However, once I spent some time on their website I knew it was time to start slowly moving my wardrobe in their direction. Because you see, Everlane is a company with a mission; a mission to produce top-quality merchandise with radical transparency into the manufacturing process.

Their take on it? “Exceptional quality. Ethical Factories. Radical Transparency.”

And believe me, they stay true to their word. Everything from manufacturing cost breakdown to how they’re able to achieve such high-quality products is spelled out for you on their site. They even invite you to step into their factories and see what goes on behind the scenes: radical transparency.

So, the 100% Human sweatshirt. It was one of my Christmas gifts and apart from the amazing quality and great design, $5 of the purchase was donated to Equality Now, a global women’s rights movement that doesn’t just advocate for equal opportunities for women and girls but also takes an active role against child marriages and sex trafficking. I don’t think there’s a better reason to buy a sweatshirt.

In addition to their 100% Human line of clothing, Everlane produces classic, beautiful styles of everything from loafers to totes, sweaters to coats at a reasonable cost. Some of my favorite pieces include this shirt, this trench coat, this skirt, and this tote.

If you’re ever looking to update your wardrobe, invest in quality pieces and contribute to some amazing social causes – Everlane is your store! They also have a brand new location in SoHo that I can’t wait to see in person in just 3 weeks!

~ Emily ~