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Casual Weekend Look

It’s wintertime; it’s the weekend, what am I wearing? Pretty much the same uniform every single Saturday and Sunday. Black leggings, oversized sweater, a jacket of some sort, and the optional scarf. It’s comfortable, easy, chic, and totally versatile. For example, if I want to dress it up a little I’ll throw on some leather booties, gold jewelry, and silk scarf. In today’s shoot, I went for a classic, sporty look with the latest addition to my wardrobe: Adidas NMD shoes

SPT Adidas 1
SPT Adidas 7

So, like I mentioned in this post, I’ve had the same pair of tennis shoes since my sophomore year of high school, that’s right, high school. They were great shoes back in the day, but after my short-lived track and field aspirations and the last 10 years of casual running and kickboxing workouts, they were looking a little worse for wear. I’ve had my eye on these Adidas shoes for a while now, but was just waiting for the right moment to make the purchase – that is until I showed up at my fiances’ house one night and there they were, staring back at me!

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SPT Adidas 8
SPT Adidas 18

The moment I tried on these shoes I was in love! I kept on joking that I’ve never had a cool pair of tennis shoes before – which is actually very true. They’re comfortable, totally unique and a complete outfit maker when paired with jeans or leggings. They come in so so many colors and styles, but being the neutral colored girl that I am I’m so happy with the white/space gray version.

If you’re ever on the hunt for comfortable, casual tennis shoes with that cool-girl vibe I’d more than recommend you checking out the Adidas NMDs.