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December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve Wrapping

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Christmas Wrapping Present Ideas

When I was younger, my parents used to do most of the wrapping of our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. We would be banished to our bedrooms come 8 o’clock so as not to see the presents going from their bedroom to the family room tree (but of course we would always peek through the door crack to try and catch a glimpse of the presents in motion).

Now that I’m in semi-charge of presents for families, I like to wrap presents as they arrive in the mail and go ahead and put them under the tree.

I’ve never been extremely intentional with how I wrap presents. I know some especially creative people who go all out with themes or DIY wrapping – that’s never been me. Two years ago I purchased a roll of brown craft paper from Amazon and I’m proud to announce it’s still going strong! If I remember, I like to add some extra touches like ribbons, bows, even the occasional sprig of berries or greenery to spruce up the paper, but I love the way it folds, wraps, tapes, and looks.

With a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in a favorite Christmas mug by side, the experience of wrapping presents for family and loved ones is truly a joy-filled one. I just wanted to share a little reminder with you this Christmas Eve that if you haven’t gotten your presents wrapped perfectly with bows and sparkles, that’s ok!

If you haven’t made your own wrapping paper, decked out the halls to maximum potential, or made Christmas cookies from scratch, that’s ok too.

The holidays, while hectic, should be about the joy of the season, not the external factors that appear to bring happiness. Spend a little extra time with family instead of coordinating your presents, help someone in need instead of attending the third work party of the season. Those meaningful moments will outlast any gift, wrapping, or other “tradition” that culture demands from you.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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