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February 26, 2019

Coffee At Home

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To be honest, I was never really that into coffee. I tried coffee for the first time as a junior in college. That’s right, college. Believe it or not I actually lasted two full years of college without relying on caffeine. Even now, I don’t use coffee to kickstart my day or boost my energy levels. I really just like the process of drinking something warm and delicious and the morning ritual of taking 15-20 minutes to make a mug or thermos.

I mentioned this on Instagram yesterday, but I’ve never owned an automatic coffee maker. I think my parents had one at some point, but throughout college, grad school, first single girl apartment, second apartment, loft living I’ve always made coffee by hand.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying my coffee making skills are barista-level but I’ve developed such a love for taking 15-20 minutes every morning to craft something as unique as a cup of coffee.


Again, I’m no barista, but over the last few years I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade, especially using the pour over method.

We make pour overs almost exclusively, but also have a french press – which makes better iced coffee in my opinion. Because I’ve still not developed a high tolerance to caffeine, a little bit affects me significantly, I love that pour overs help regulate the strength of the brew so you don’t end up with a cup that’s too strong.

We always buy whole bean, pre-roasted coffee – typically from local roasters – with notes of chocolate, brown sugar, or berries. I have a really acidic system so I can immediately tell if a roast of coffee is going to be too much for my system to handle. Dark, full-bodied roasts set the best with me.

A few years we started to invest in some nice coffee gear and then for wedding presents we registered for a few others to round out our collection of everyday-use coffee items.

  1. Bodum Bistro Burr Ginder 

We have the copper one and besides being aesthetically pleasing, it gets a consistent grind to the beans with minimum effort.

2. Chemex Pour Over – 6 cup 

We have a single cup pour over from Yield, but we use our Chemex every single morning.

3. Pour Over Kettle 

I was a little surprised that there’s actually a science behind a pour over-designed kettle. The longer spout gives a more consistent flow of water and a smoother finish. Who knew? We use this one.

4. Milk Frother 

I know it’s not trendy to like cow’s milk right now, but I do. We froth milk during the winter months in this handy little device for latte-esque drinks.

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