Curating a Classic Winter Wardrobe

I don’t dress up too much.

As a work-from-home individual I’m in dress-down clothing more often than not. I’m not quite at work in pajamas status, but I definitely don’t reach for my “office appropriate” pieces as often as I used to. But just because my daily uniform is cozy and comfy doesn’t mean i don’t need a simple collection of workwear basics that can get me through meetings and events.

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Workwear Fashion 1 3
Workwear Fashion 1 10

If you’re looking to add a classic piece to your wardrobe, start slow and simple. A white, cream, or ivory blouse is an easy first pick because it will go with anything you can dream up. But a couple tips to choosing a long-lasting shirt:

  • Choose a non-wrinkle fabric
  • Make sure it’s fitted
  • Find the hue that works for your skin tone
  • Don’t cheap out, but don’t buy the most expensive one on the market
  • Find a classic silhouette to stand the test of time
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