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Day to Night with Gal Meets Glam Esther Dress

If you saw my Instagram Stories about two weeks ago you know the story behind this dress. Julia Engel runs the mesmerizing fashion blog Gal Meets Glam and in April of this year, she released her very own dress line. I’ve been following GMG for the last 5 years, reading her every post fastidiously, looking to the queen of blogging for my own inspiration.

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About 2 years ago when I was searching for a creative outlet and a hobby I found myself on Gal Meets Glam thinking ‘if Julia can do it, why can’t?’ And so, with the help of my then boyfriend (now husband) we began to create Some Pretty Thing. Fast forward almost 3 years later and I’m able to purchase a dream dress from my favorite blogger with money I’ve made from the monetization of my tiny little corner of the internet.

And that folks, is what dreaming is all about! This may not be solely about fashion and how to style the beautiful Gal Meets Glam Esther dress but as a quick little PSA, just know that if you work hard, dedicate yourself to your craft you can be the person achieving your dreams too!

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I loved all of the GMG May Collection dresses but it was the Esther dress that caught my eye. With its chiffon material, universally flattering fit and flare style, and the best sleeves that a dress can have, I fell in love the moment the pink box was opened.

Dresses that can handle the day to night rigor are a bit unicorn-like. I’m always afraid of this move because I somehow find something spilled, ripped or popped on the dress that I need to wear for another few more hours. But in an ideal world (where no spilling, ripping, or popping allowed) Esther would be my go-to.

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It’s dressy on the rack, but so easily turned into a little brunch or market shopping number with some flats and a wicker bag. Strap on your dancing shoes when the sun goes down and twirl the night away with strappy heels and a delicate clutch.

Some would argue the price is a bit steep for a dress – no matter the dress. But in recent years as my wardrobe has been paired down to only pieces I truly love and can wear for years to come, I’m happy to spend the money to support a fellow blogger and add a beautiful, timeless piece to my wardrobe.

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