December Book Picks

Now that the sun sets at 5:15 it's pretty much low-key evenings every day of the week. Fuzzy blankets, sweatpants, and stacks of books is always on the activities docket. I read some lovely books in November and wanted to share them along with the books I'm planning on reading this month.

Beautiful Ruins - 4/5 stars

I just finished this one up on Monday night. It's won some high praise over the last 8 years and came highly recommend from one of our local bookstores.

It's really hard to describe this book because it's not telling a singular story. It's masterfully written and the final chapter may have been the best chapter of any book I've ever read, but you do have to pay attention throughout and hone in on the details.

IG December 3 2

The Forgotten Garden -4/5 stars

I've been really enjoying Kate Morton's books and this is the second novel of hers I've read. Her writing is intriguing, different connecting stories that swirl together to reveal all the answers to your questions in the final chapters.

Again, through, a book you really need to be in tune with throughout reading in order for the ending to be impactful.

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Chasing Slow - 5/5 stars

Actually, the first bit of nonfiction I've read in a while. I've reading the book before, but it seemed like a good time to pull it out again.

I suppose you could call this a memoir, it's more like purposeful musings on life with nuggets of truth woven throughout. A great book to read if you feel a little stuck.

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Wheel of Time - books 12-14 - 5/5 stars

I absolutely ripped through these final three books of the Wheel of Time series. They're hefty books, between 750-850 pages each, and build one on another with adventures and battles until the final moment of good versus evil.

It felt a lot like finishing a marathon (I can only assume) but the final book and final chapters was worth it all.

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Currently Reading / Suggestions for December

  • One Day in December – I've read this twice now, but it's such a lovely little story and perfect for the holiday season!
  • All the Light We Cannot See – Another book that I read a few years, but we just picked up a copy in a used bookstore and I can't wait to read it again.
  • The Wise Man's Fear – book 2 of another fantasy series - Kingkiller Chronicles - by Patrick Rothfuss.
  • Something Borrowed – just picked up this book and the next one in a bookstore and thought they might be nice, fluffy stories to read over the holidays.
  • Something Blue
  • A Man Called Ove – another classic that we finally have a copy of. If I'm nosing around for another story to read in December, this one will be it.

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