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Denim for the Rest of Us & How to Style it in the Summer

I'm not 20 anymore. I rarely think about my age and am increasingly thankful I am not 20 anymore but every now and again I run across a pair of jeans, a dress, a skirt from when I was 20 and realize there's a good chance I may not fit into it ever again. That's ok. Size, weight, height... it's all arbitrary as long as you're healthy and feel good.

But the one thing that is annoying is buying a pair of jeans from a store that still caters to 20 year olds. 6 feet tall 20 year olds, apparently. I'm petite and slim but my normal size 25 at one store is two sizes too small and 2 feet too long at 3 other stores.

Consistency among denim sizes has been one of the frustrating challenges of getting older which caused me to stop buying jeans for a couple years. I started researching denim and fits and cuts and colors and washes – all the while the dizzying dazzle of trends and style kept pulling the rug out from under my feet.

But, thanks to a resurgence of the 90s, timeless French styles that American's always want to emulate, and Madewell's commitment to denim for the normal people I finally found a fit.

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They're comfy yet structured, high rise but not constricting and vintage but not full on mom jeans. I ordered a size too big so I currently have to wear a belt with mine. Not the end of the world but they do run a little large in the waist. They're also a bit long. The petite cropped denim is difficult to track down when they're in stock so it's the cuffed life for the moment.

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