The minute I saw this Calvin Klein dress my mind immediately placed it as a perfect dress for Easter 0r really any spring occasion.

I personally celebrate Easter as a religious holiday – the day Christ rose from the grave and conquered death so we might have the hope of eternal life! – so my Easter might look a little different than yours. But no matter how you celebrate the special day, there’s nothing quite like having a “special occasion” dress to pull out for the day.

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While pastels may rule the day, my neutral-loving self was drawn to the somewhat tribal tan and white print on this Calvin Klein dress.

And would you believe me if I told you I found it on Amazon?

I could see this dress working so well for anything from Easter Sunday morning to baby showers – brunches to Kentucky Derby parties. I don’t actually know if I would be brave enough to wear this a wedding. Because of the white background I kinda feel like it’s too close to actually wearing white.

Easter 2019 17

For my petite girls out there, just be warned the dress is a bit long. Because we shot these photos on the top of a mountain, basically all the photos I’m holding up the dress from dragging on the thorns and rocks. But with heels I’m comfortable wearing this dress normally without gathering up the bottom.

I kept the overall look pretty minimal because I felt like the dress was speaking for itself but I did pair it with my favorite heeled booties and some vintage gold jewelry.

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