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Long gone for me are the days of Forever 21 and costume jewelry. 10 years ago I was all about those statement necklaces – you know the ones. A different color to coordinate with every outfit. Long beaded strings and excessive pendants.

It’s safe to say I have since donated or trashed those items in favor of a slightly more understated look. Gold jewelry is starting to make a comeback, but I’ve always been a lover of gold over silver. It just works better with my skin tone and works with most of my neutral-based outfits.

I have a few tried and true pieces that I’ve gotten questions on over the years, but also have added a few new items to my collection in the past weeks.

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Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

Frequency Worn – Everyday

When we got engaged I knew I didn’t want anything gaudy or excessive. The diamond is a family stone that came from my grandfather and was created by a family jeweler in a solitaire setting. It’s simple and elegant.

My wedding band is actually an Etsy find. By the time I got around to picking a wedding band I was so tired of wedding planning and spending money that I found what I wanted on Etsy in a couple minutes and it ended up being perfect and simple.

Simple, Stackable Rings

Frequency Worn – Most days

I’ve collaborated with two jewelry companies – both high quality and truly beautiful companies – AURate and Mejuri.

These rings from AURate are just as simple as my wedding band but beautifully crafted and add just a little extra style on my right hand.

Shop the Twist Ring | Shop the Stackable Ring

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Bracelets and Watches

Frequency Worn: Summer Days

I definitely find myself wearing bracelets and watches in the summer more than the fall or winter, so I haven’t pulled out my wrist collection for a few months.

But when I do reach for something for my wrist it’s either my leather cuffed Daniel Wellington Petite watch or a delicate chain.

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Jewelry 6
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Layered Necklaces

Frequency Worn: On occasions/ When I remember

I do love wearing necklaces, especially layered ones at different lengths, widths and materials. I do think it adds some intrigue to just jeans and a t-shirt and can elevate even a nice look.

Some of my favorite layering necklaces are vintage so no links for them, but others are from Mejuri or AURate including this dainty choker and this fun Honey Necklace.


Frequency Worn: Rarely

I got my ears pierced when I was in college (like 18?) and loved wearing earrings for a bit, but they’re the last accessory I think of to wear.

I have a few pairs that are really pretty, but my ears tend to be pretty sensitive and even just the process of putting in earrings can be painful.

Shop the Dainty Pyramids | Shop the Pearl Drop Earrings

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