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Fall Basics

Fall in the South is a funny thing. It can be 85 degrees until the end of October or, like we're currently enjoying, 65-70 by late afternoon. So it goes without saying that dressing for the season can be tricky. I've done some pretty big closet clean-outs over the last year and have donated or sold so many pieces of clothing. It's great to have an excessively paired down wardrobe, but there are a few holes of solid, basic pieces that need to be added.

So here's what's on my fall basics wish list and where I'm looking to find the best deals


I don't know about you all but I'm 100% over every shirt on the market being cropped. I've tried every variation of it and it's just not my style nor does it fit my body type well.

I cleared out about 3 years worth of experimental style and am now here for the basic waffle knit tees that are slouchy and soft.

Amazon has some fantastic options for under $25

Black Wrap for $17 | Pretty Green for $20

Oufits fall Amazon 2

Sweaters & Cardigans

I love loose, long open cardigans and although I have two - a white and tan - I'm looking for a grey one that will fit the bill.

These are such versatile pieces because I also use them as a layer for warmth in the early winter.

Fall 1 7 2

Bottoms & Denim

I, naturally, got paint on my one pair of dark wash denim a few weeks ago, so I'm halfheartedly looking around for another pair. I'm thinking I might just thrift a pair since jeans that fit me are so expensive and that never put petite sizes on sale.

Favorite Thrift Stores Around Greenville:

  • Nearly New Shop
  • Safe Harbor
  • Goodwill
  • Clothes Mentor
Portland Leather 5
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What I do not need are more pairs of shoes or boots. I have so many! But they're all so good I can't bear to part with them. But if you find yourself without a pair of good classic fall shoes or boots, here are my favorites for the season:

  • TOMS Ella Boots – fits true to size and are insanely comfortable. I've had mine 2 years now
  • TOMS Mesa Boots – fits true to size. Might lighter than Doc Martens but have the same vibe.
  • Earth Shoes – I have two pairs of their boots and they are so comfortable right off the bat. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a pair of boots for walking.
  • J. Crew Matte Chelsea Boots – perfect for outdoor work or sloshing through a rainy day.