With an endless amount of things to do when the weather turns cooler it can be a daunting task in order to feel like you’ve made the best of the beautiful season. In order to alleviate some of the pressure of filling every weekend with a new fall task I created a fall bucket list of things I’m dying to do this season.

Living in the Upstate of South Carolina the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, streams and gorges are so inviting in the fall time so it’s no surprise most of the items on the list this year are out-of-doors activities that would satisfy anyone’s adventurous streak.

2017 Fall Bucket List

1. Hike the Craggy Gardens Trail to see the foliage 

Located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Craggy Gardens Trail is a beautiful and fairly easy hike uphill to a breathtaking mountain vista that should be especially beautiful with the changing of the leaves.

2.  Ride the Great Smokey Mountains Railroad Scenic Train 

For me, train rides conjure up images of hatboxes,  hard-sided luggage, and romantic journeys around Europe. It’s a beautiful way to travel – especially when viewing the fall foliage through the mountains of North Carolina.

3.   Visit a corn maze 

This has actually become a tradition with a couple of our friends. It’s a delightfully fun activity especially if you go after dark. Grab some cider, a donut, and popcorn to go and it’s the perfect fall activity.

4. A Weekend in Asheville 

Asheville, NC is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s a hotbed of fun activities and of course filled with darling AirB&Bs, boutique hotels, shops, and restaurants.

My favorite places?

  • Grove Park Inn – we went here after getting engaged almost a year ago!
  • Farm Burger – A downtown classic farm-to-table burger joint. (TIP:  get the sweet potato fries!)
  • Old North – a darling boutique filled with unique, quality pieces
  • Malaprop Bookstore and Cafe — stay a while and pick up your favorite titles while you’re at it

5. Mountain Zipline Course 

For my husband’s birthday two years ago we went and did a ziplining course through the mountain gorges and it was an amazing experience. I’m not much of an extreme sports person, but ziplining was an incredible experience that truly takes your breath away.