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February 21, 2020

What’s on My Fashion Wish List

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After completing the 10×10 Challenge at the beginning of the month it forced me to take a hard look at what I actually want to add to my wardrobe this year instead of being swayed by trends and new arrivals.

This past weekend we were in Atlanta and of course every store we walked into was having a massive President’s Day sale. Having a list of items I know I REALLY want made it so easy to turn down a good deal/sale item even if I liked it.

Essentially, have a fashion “to-buy” list eliminates impulse buys and instant gratification purchases. It also keeps things simple when adding items to your wardrobe.

So here’s my list of fashion wish list items that I’ll be adding to my collection over the next year:

  1. White/Ivory Silk Blouse

I’ve recently become obsessed with silk blouses. I have a couple faux-silk/synthetic tops that are similar, but I love collared shirts and I know this would get so much wear in my wardrobe.

My first pick is the Sezane Florence Blouse but it’s almost sold out. I’ve been watching a couple others but I want to save until I’m able to buy the perfect one.



2. Light Wash Denim

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I have the HARDEST time finding jeans. Honestly, why is its so difficult? I can’t buy jeans online but we don’t have many good stores in Greenville to try on affordable denim.

I finally was near a Madewell last week and went in for the purpose of trying on every pair of jeans to find a good fit.

I noticed a few things: I look stupid in high-rise jeans. Being only 5 feet tall an 11″ waist is just about up to my ribs. But a 9″ rise with a petite or cropped fit was so good.

These are the pair I’m now stalking online.

3. Denim Shorts

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While I have a few pairs of denim shorts currently, I need to add in a pair that a) has a longer fit and b) is a lighter wash.

I love these from Everlane and am keeping my eye on their website and 2nd hand sites like Poshmark in case they pop for up for a better price.

4. Raincoat

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I’ve been looking for a raincoat for a while. I have quite a few trenches I love and other mid-weight jackets but nothing that actually repels the rain.

We’re looking to go to Ireland or England in September for a big trip so a raincoat is a must-have item for that trip and nice to own for the spring in South Carolina.

5. Madewell Crossbody

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Apparently I’m determined to switch every bag in my life over to Madewell. I have their Transport Tote, Wallet, and Backpack but my crossbody bag is a 7 year old Fossil that has seen better days.

It’s not in the worst shape, but it’s time for an upgrade.



6. White Tee Shirt

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This is an easy one for me. I now only buy the Madewell Vintage Tees because they’re the perfect fit + weight.

I have the black and grey and now want to add the white to my collection. If I could give you one piece of classic fashion advice it would be find a brand/style/fit of tee shirt and buy them in your favorite, classic colors.

I promise they’ll be the most worn items in your wardrobe.

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