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September 16, 2019

Five Fall Favorites for Your Home

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Fall is going to be a busy month for us over at the Riverwood Cape Home. From welcoming our first official guest this weekend to hosting fall parties and family gatherings, we’ve been working hard to finish up projects and put into order the spaces that will be the most used.

While we’ve primarily focused on the  renovation side of home ownership since April, we’ve finally been able to take a bit of a breather and work on some non-structural aesthetics. And what better time to do so than fall in the South?

With the final touches put on our kitchen (full reveal soon!) we’ve been slowly accumulating some beautiful wares to showcase in the new space.

  1. Beautiful Bowls for Serving and Styling 

One of my favorite kitchen items to collect are serving bowls. Courtesy of Carthage Co I was recently gifted the loveliest statement piece that has been proudly living on both my island and coffee table since I opened the package. Carthage Co is a beautifully imagined company with a unique mission to share the beauty of North African stoneware with the world.

I picked out the Dadsai Serving Bowl in the beautifully rich Onyx color to be a conversation piece around my table. It’s a generous size for serving pastas and salads family style and when I’m not playing hostess it lives as a centerpiece on my table and a statement on my coffee table.

2. Coffee and Tea Canisters 

I picked these coffee and tea utility canisters up from West Elm 2 years now and the fact that they’re still living on my counter is a testament to how much I use them.

We grind our own coffee each morning so buying whole coffee beans mean they can go stale quickly. These canisters seal up after every opening so your coffee beans and tea bags stay fresh much longer. Plus they’re a beautiful piece to include in your counter decor.

3. Professional Framed Photos 

I wrote a post a while back about the benefits of getting some statement art or photography professionally framed and I stand by that claim. I never tire of looking at our photography beautifully framed out by Framebridge.

All of our guests thus far  have commented on the dining room shelf and photography all thanks to the statement our Framebridge frames make.

If you’re planning on creating a gallery wall in the near future or are just looking to spruce up some prints, forego a few of the Wal-Mart plastic frames and showcase your special pieces with a custom frame or two.

4. Throws and More Throws!

Even in the summer we keep several throws handy to curl up with on our couches but in the fall they really have some time to shine.

A dear friend recently gifted us a beautiful lap blanket from The Tartan Blanket Co and we have a growing collection from Pendleton Woolen Mills. We never regret buying beautiful, seasonal throws.

5. Faux Florals 

While my house has some jungle vibes from the 15 and counting real plants I do love seasonal faux florals to sprinkle around the house.

Terrain has some great options if you want very realistic options to add to arrangements around your home.

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