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Flattering Swim Suits for Women

In all my years of blogging I don't think I've ever done a proper post about swimming suits before. To be fair, the last time I bought a swimming suit was about 5 years ago.

This summer, it was time for an upgrade. During the Memorial Day sales I bought a couple styles from J.Crew that were on crazy sale to test out and ended up falling in love with them all.

Seriously, J.Crew may be coming back onto my radar as a brand to shop if their clothes are anything like the quality of these swimming suits.

J crew swimming suit 7
J crew swimming suit 5

For a lot of swimming scenarios, I'm just more comfortable wearing a one piece suit and the number of beautiful, one piece suits on the J.Crew site right now makes me wish I had bought a couple more.

This was the one I purchased, a super flattering one shoulder number that is currently on sale for 50% off the sale price - so I think it's around $50 at the moment and they keep restocking sizes, so if your size isn't available, you might want to keep checking back.

Additional J. Crew Swimming Suits

Right now, J.Crew is offering 50% off their sale, and most of these swimming suits are in their sale section, so you'd be able to get them for a significantly reduced price.

Other Brands I've Been Eyeing for Swimming Suit Shopping

If nothing at J.Crew fits your needs, I've been looking at a few other high quality swimming suit brands to add a piece now and then into the summer rotation.