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December 11, 2019

Four Tried and True Holiday Outfits

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It’s that time of year again. Potentially the worst for knowing how to dress. It’s cold outside and yet more women bare their arms and shoulders than the middle of summer. It’s hard to know when to wear sequins or what shoes to pair with burgundy.

Hair up or down? Coat or no coat? Jumpsuit or dress? Does anyone look good in red? 

I wanted to share a few tried and true looks in case you find yourself stuck an hour before an event with no clue what to wear. These are classic looks. I’m not saying one of everything should be in your wardrobe, but before the next holiday party you might want to invest in one or two if you don’t have them already.


Look 1: The Black Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are easy and versatile but from personal experience I know they can be hard to tame. Standing 5 feet tall, fit is everything for me but color is extremely important too. When in doubt I opt for black and if you need it to be a bit dressier layer on the gold accessories.


Look 2: The Classic Red Dress

I believe this is my only red piece of clothing and I really only pull it out around the holidays. Actually I think I’ve only worn this dress once (maybe twice). But there is something classic about a red dress at Christmas. I’ve held on to this one because of the fit and the details.

You can’t beat lace sleeves and a slimming bodice. Pair it with black tights and heels and add a faux fur coat or stole over for extra warmth.

Look 3: The “New Year’s Eve Ready” in Gold

I say “you should wear this to a New Year’s Eve party” like I have experience on the topic. No… my December 31st’s always end up with me in sweatpants eating Chinese food and watching the ball drop from a couch. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

BUT if you’re attending any Gatsby-themed balls, parties, or soirees a look like this is your friend. Comfy, easy, breathable it’d take this dress anywhere. It’s another classic that’s lived in the back of my closet for the better part of the last decade, but it’s a good classic to keep on hand.

Look 4: The Boho Chic that Wins Every Time

It’s hour 3 of a party where the small talk is excruciating and your toes have fallen asleep. You look over and see an impossibly chic girl that looks both comfy and put together. She is who we all aspire to be and this outfit is your golden ticket.

I find that by not trying too hard you come off as that breezy, chic girl we all admire. Coco Chanel has a quote about looking in the mirror and taking off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house and I’ve always appreciated that mantra. Whenever I have multiple moving pieces to get an outfit just right I feel a bit clumpy and frumpy.

If you’re going understated this year, try a pair of heeled booties, an unexpected dress color, and a beautifully classic fabric like silk or chiffon.

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