Gifts and Sales: Pre-Black Friday

The number of sales happening right now is without a doubt overwhelming. If I didn't need to buy Christmas presents I would 100% avoid retail sites because everywhere you turn someone else is screaming for you to buy their product.

But with the increase of online shopping this year, the sales have started so much earlier which means I'm about 80% finished with Christmas shopping! Now just to wrap everything . . .

But instead of doing a massive here's all the sales on the internet post I wanted to share some of the retailers I have shopped at this year and give some ideas if you're still stuck on things to buy.

And if you're looking to shop small this year, don't forget to check out this guide.

Also, this post is by no means designed to suck you into retail therapy, guilt you into buying more, or trick you into spending money. I'm very aware that most of us could do without presents this year and be just fine. If you find yourself envying something, wishing for something, or feeling a bit impulsive – click away from the blog, from the internet and maybe go for a walk instead. This is merely just a tool to help roundup some good deals.

Sales to Consider Shopping

For Him

Backcountry | Sherpa Adventure Gear Dumji Sweater

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For Her

Nordstrom – Ugg Fluffette Slipper

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