Before the full crush of the holidays start in, I wanted to give a brief overview of how I'm going to be handling holiday content on my different platforms. If I'm completely honest, there's a lot of pressure in the influencer industry to start sharing holiday content 3+ weeks ago.

With my seasonal-based, slightly slow living curated content I'm not entirely comfortable with the massive consumer-focused push that happens in my industry this time of the year. And honestly, this decision costs me money every single year.

But, if I were to start pushing early Amazon Black Friday deals, Target sales, Nordstrom deals, etc. I don't think I would be able to stay true to the content that truly gives me joy. So, if you're here looking for gift guides, sale promos, or the hot new item of the season, you're in the wrong place and may I gently suggest you follow other influencers in your seasonal shopping quest.

I mapped out a guide to my holiday content and what/where I'm going to be posting different types of content.

I hope this is helpful for you as we approach the next 2 months. And, just a gentle reminder to keep in mind that if you feel the pressure to shop, buy, do, or fill your time with all the things you read in blogs and see on Instagram, it is never a bad idea to step away from the digital devices and online platforms and take a deep breath.

You're not missing out because you don't fulfill a festive bucket list.

You're not having any less of a beautiful holiday season if you don't get the perfect Christmas tree photo.

You're still living a wonderful life with or without matching wrapping paper and Instagrammable holiday decor.

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On the Blog

Starting November 1st you'll find in-depth inspirational and educational seasonal content such as cozy, healthy recipes along with some fashion reviews and styling ideas for the season ahead.

A home decor section featuring repurposing and foraging for seasonal decor and how to embrace coziness for the season ahead.

On YouTube

I've throughly enjoyed creating YouTube content and at the moment it's fashion-only. I do a lot of outfit ideas and reviews - specifically for petite ladies in their late 20s and 30s.

I'll be sharing more holiday outfit ideas, some reviews of key pieces for a winter wardrobe, and creative ways to shop your own closet in the months ahead.

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On Instagram

Oh Instagram. Basically, this is the place I'll be sharing a mish-mash of all the content from all the platforms. Likely along with a few reels that are holiday specific. Follow along here to keep up with new content on other platforms.

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On Pinterest

Look out for recipes, some DIYs, and fashion content on my Pinterest account in the form of Idea Pins and video pins.

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It's on this channel that I'll be posting any gift guides and gifting ideas I decide to post. LTK is a shopping only platform and it made sense to create some specific gift guides that will be posted here and likely promoted on Instagram and Pinterest as well. Now, you don't need the LTK app to shop or follow, you can just click on the link and do your thing.

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