Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

We're getting to that time of December where it's almost too late to ensure online shopped presents will get here in time. I've had several packages go missing this year - even with fast shipping options - and I have to imagine it's only going to get worse until Christmas.

So, the other options left are in-person shopping but if you want to avoid the crowds that are out in excess this year, handmade Christmas gifts are thoughtful and budget-friendly and so much fun to make.

So, in order to jumpstart your creativity, here are three handmade Christmas gift ideas that are helpful, useful, and easy to make.

Sage Smudge Sticks

A lovely and natural alternative to candles, smudge sticks are so easy to make and gift.

They're a lot like incense in the sense that you light them, extinguish them, and then let the scent of herbs and flowers waft around the room.

In Native American practices sage and smudging has cleansing powers and certainly burning sage has the ability to purify the air in a room.

If you don't have a kitchen herb garden like I do, the ingredients are easy to pick up at your local market or grocery store.

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How to Make a Smudge Stick

Start by gathering some of your favorite herbs and flowers. I have rosemary, sage and lavender growing just outside my back door so I snipped some sprigs of each.

For 2-3 smudge sticks gathering anywhere from 6-8 6 inch or longer sprigs of rosemary and sage and 3-4 stems of lavender. I also grabbed some fresh pine from the yard to add into the bundle, but the ingredients are ultimately up to you!

It's important to try and keep all the stems the same length, so cut them all down to around 6" inch lengths. Next, gather them all together and wrap the bundle tightly with twine or bakers string.

Hang to dry for up to 3 weeks before gifting your friend or family member with a set of beautiful and useful gifts! Gift along with a fun pack of matches or a beautiful match striker for a truly thoughtful gift.

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Cinnamon Ginger Honey Tea

Feel good recipes are a huge hit right now around the internet and this tea, mix-in is the perfect remedy for chilly days, oncoming colds, or cozy evenings.

It's easy to make in a large batch and package up with a cute mug or teacup for a thoughtful gift!

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How to Make Cinnamon Ginger Honey Tea


  • fresh ginger - 1 knob
  • 2-3 cinnamon sticks
  • local, fresh honey added to taste
  • pot
  • water

How to Make:

  • peel your fresh ginger *a spoon here works really well
  • slice your peeled ginger knob into thin slices
  • add anywhere from 8-16 cups of filtered water to a pot *depends on how much you want to make
  • add in your ginger, cinnamon sticks
  • bring the water to a slow simmer
  • simmer up to 3 hours
  • about an hour before you're finished, add in a squirt of honey or to taste and dissolve it well
  • remove from heat and let it cool before added to jars or pitcher
  • must be refrigerated

Lavender Sink Scrub

My mom made this for me last year and I used it up 2-3 times over this past year. It's a simple but effective way to clean pretty much anything in your home, but I love to use it for my big porcelain sink and my plastic kitchen trash cans.

With just two ingredients it's one of the easiest and most versatile things you can gift this year.

And if you want to see it in use, I share it all in this Reel.

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How to Make Lavender Sink Scrub

Combine baking soda and dried, crushed lavender petals together in a sweet glass container. Include a how to use card and attach it to the vessel so your intended recipient knows exactly how to use!

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