House Update #2

So we’re now officially less than a month out before we move into the new house.

Downstairs, it’s been all about mudding and sanding and more mudding and more sanding. I’ve managed to get one coat of primer on the living room walls and the stairs. But we’re still waiting on a lot of the kitchen mud to dry before one final sanding and then priming.

ACS 0347
ACS 0345
ACS 0346

So that essentially leaves us right now with walls that looks a little worse for wear. But the walls that do have the first coat of primer on them are looking so good.

If I haven’t mentioned before, we’re painting the entire house white – actually a warmer white (Whipped from Clare, but more on than later) just to get it fresh and pretty. Eventually we might add some color to an accent wall or two, but with our furniture and interior style, I’m excited to keep it fresh and white for the time being.

Also in the downstairs we had the pros come in and lace in new hardwoods where the kitchen and the brick hearth were. The floors are a beautiful red oak and this week they’re coming back to sand them all down and stain them to match.

Our cabinets came in on Monday – just in flat boxes – so the goal this weekend or next week is assembling them and starting to build the kitchen out!

Upstairs we’ve been moving along with priming and cleaning to get the sub-floors ready for laying floors. The first weekend we owned the house we tore up the carpeting upstairs and are replacing it with a laminate-style hardwood floor. Two coats of primer are now on the walls so the next step is to do a bit more sanding and crack on with the actual paint.

Outside we have peaches and blueberries and tomatoes growing – so come on by late summer if you want some fresh produce! – and we’re starting to plan out decking/fencing/landscaping.

Chances are we won’t have every project 100% completed by the time we move in (we may still have some backsplash work to do, power washing, etc) but we’re getting so excited to start the “fun” projects like building cabinets and creating the shelves and making this place look much more inviting.

Coming soon – all about the best paint I’ve ever used.