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August 14, 2019

How to Fuel Your Creativity With Inspiring Paper Goods

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No matter how many years removed I am from actually participating in back to school shopping I still get the urge to update my organization systems, stock up on three-ring binders, and spend hours choosing the perfect planner.

Even more so than the start of the calendar year, the start of school feels like a clean slate – the chance to get papers organized, closets cleaned, and notebooks bought. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll actually end up in another school setting – another Masters just for fun? – but for now the notebooks and pens and binders and planners will be put to good use fueling my creativity and ¬†organizing my two growing businesses, outlining goals for the next few years.

In my research – ok, in my perusal of Pinterest – I came across a collection of customizable paper goods from a shop called Papier. Their selection of whimsical weekly planners, notebooks, and even greeting cards was just too much to handle.

I reached out to the lovely people at Papier and they so sweetly sent me some samples to share with you all. Since then both the notebook and planner have been permanent residents in my backpack and on my desk.

New planners and notebooks have an encouraging affect on my creativity. There’s nothing like cracking open a brand new, blank book that’s just waiting for you to fill it’s pages with new ideas, old thoughts, and goals. I wanted to share some of the paper goods that have caught my eye recently.

Notebooks: For Outlining Your Goals and Tracking Initial Ideas

I use notebooks when a brand new idea is forming in my mind – either for a new SEO product, a helpful resource for the blog, or just an idea that’s not quite fleshed out yet. There’s something so thrrpatuic about putting pen to paper and writing out your idea.

Papier’s notebooks – you can personalize them! – are hardback, high quality, and just colorful enough.


Planners: For Keeping Track of Life

I’ve switched back and forth for the last few years between paper and digital planners and I think I’ve settled on a system that works: blog content on my digital calendar (because it changes so often) and life events in my paper planner.

Papier’s planner is undated so you can start it halfway through the year or January 1st. They have the best selection of simple and elegant hardback planners – perfect for back to school, keeping your business organized, or just writing down important events throughout the day.

Personalized Greeting Cards + Stationary

As a businesswoman I think it’s so special to have a collection of personalized notecards or stationary so you can drop a note to a client, send a handwritten message to a friend, or snail mail a special thank you. Papier offers a darling selection of stationary sets that you can personalize. These are the ones I picked out and their whimsical floral details are so cute.

Desk Pads and To-Do Lists

Keep your daily tasks organized with a darling little desk pad or to-do list. Goodness knows I have so many of these in my office and each one is just as loved as  the next.


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