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April 10, 2020

Inspired By: Surf Shacks and Sunny Skies

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I can genuinely say I have no idea where this current obsession came from. Obviously, we’re not traveling at the moment and I’ve never even been to California, but I have fallen down a deep dark rabbit hole of being obsessed with surf culture.

It started on Pinterest – where rabbit holes rule – as I was searching for a specific idea, photos of surf shacks started popping up left and right. Textures, neutrals, bright whites, and natural elements came popping off the screen and now I’m well  and truly invested in it all.

Home inspiration naturally turned to fashion which turned to photos of beaches then back to homes and it just became a beautiful endless cycle. You won’t find me complaining!

While I don’t love “themed” homes – seriously, just buy what you love and work it all together – I would absolutely love to include some of these elements into our guest bedroom because it gets the best natural light at the end of the day. I wanted to share a few items that are getting me all sorts of excited for summer (even though it’s been 80s here all week).

Surf Shack Book

This has been on my wish list for a while and I might just pull the trigger because I found it for $20 on Amazon.

 | Shop Now |

Brand Spotlight: Billabong

Was this a cool brand for anyone else back in high school? It definitely embraces elements of that laid back casual surf culture that’s perfect for summer while not blowing their prices out of the water.

Wall Tapestries

I used to despise flags/tapestries on walls and Lee would always show ones to me he wanted to buy. Well, I’m starting to come around and I would not be opposed to buying (or trying my hand at making) one like this.

Small Business Highlight

Parative Project  partners with women in India to create beautiful flags with the purpose of helping fight human trafficking.

Brand Spotlight: Pilcro and the Letterpress

*Sold at Anthropologie 

Beach Gear

Although we’re 4ish hours away from the coast, it’s not the worst idea to have some beach gear around for those Charleston trips.

Small Business Highlight 

Sunday Supply Co makes the most beautiful beach umbrellas and chairs. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the company and if I wasn’t currently renovating a house they would probably get all of my money

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