For this post, I have the distinct honor to partner with a company that I truly adore. Everything from their mantra to their products is inspiring and they were gracious enough to want to work with me. Thank you, Trollbeads for sponsoring this post. 

You all know I don’t wear jewelry often. On an average day, you’ll find my only adornments are my wedding band, engagement ring, and a scrunchie. Honestly, it’s just because I’m not in the habit of putting on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. But when I do wear jewelry I absolutely love opening up my grandmother’s jewelry box, that now sits proudly on my dresser, and looking over my collection of items that have meaning and personal value. What I mean to say is almost every piece of jewelry I own has a special meaning, a special purpose, and a beautiful memory associated with it.

  • I have a set of simple gold rings that I picked up while shopping with my fiance for my wedding day hairpiece.
  • I own a few necklaces from one local maker that reminds me of the spirit of entrepreneurship and the joy it is to help someone follow their dreams
  • My wedding band was the best Etsy purchase I’ve made
  • The diamond in my engagement ring is a family heirloom and the band/setting was crafted by a jeweler that’s been part of the family history for decades

And now I have an addition to my jewelry collection with my beautiful Trollbeads bracelet. Let me tell you about the brand for a moment because it’s just too good not to share.

Trollbeads was founded in Copenhagen and the brand is known for their intricately crafted glass beads that come in stunning colors and patterns. Each bead is handcrafted by artisans and the beads are created to represent a story – your story.

What’s my bracelet story? So glad you asked!

Trollbeads just released their fall line of beads – adventure themed – and while looking through the catalog I was overjoyed to see the fall collection included mountain-themed beads and a hot air balloon.

In case you’re new to the blog, let me tell you about one of the most memorable adventures I’ve had. Just about two years ago I was whisked up to Asheville, NC at the crack of dawn by my then boyfriend for a magical hot air balloon ride and the most romantic question of them all. My husband planned the entire engagement experience and it was the best surprise of my life. And one year ago (on September 23, 2017) we married in a beautiful location surrounded by family and friends.

Lee and I often head back up to Asheville and to Grove Park Inn, (where we went for a beautiful brunch after the hot air balloon ride and told every stranger we met about our engagement!) And this time it was even more special because of our upcoming anniversary and the story I wore on my bracelet.

So, naturally, I chose the hot air balloon bead and the other beads I choose – Mountain Climb and Warm Breeze – were also reminiscent of the peaceful morning we spent soaring above the clouds and the mountains in a balloon. Altogether the bracelet is a beautiful reminder of a beautiful day.

My beads are attached to the sterling silver chain bracelet with the butterfly clasp and a foxtail spacer. What I absolutely love about the products is their quality and the price point. This would be such an easy ongoing gift. Start with one of the starter packs and then add a bead for each significant memory, event, trip, accomplishment, etc.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift – birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc – I would 100% suggest looking at Trollbeads. The gift of a story or a memory is hard to put a price on. Start your story with Trollbeads today.

Again, thank you Trollbeads for sponsoring this post and allowing me to tell my story!