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March 11, 2019

Join the Reformation

in, Fashion


Top | Pants | Shoes | Bag (similar) 

About three years ago I ran across the brand Reformation while scouring the Nordstrom sale section during a particularly boring lunch break. It’s pretty rare that a brand captures me with all of its pieces – most of the time I find myself liking just one or two items from a collection – but the vintage styles of Reformation charmed me.

Since then I’ve had my eye out for Reformation pieces on the cheap (because $200+ for a dress is just a little too much for me) with little to no luck. Sure you can find a top here or a skirt there, but never my size and never in great condition.

When I was looking for pieces to wear and style for our Charleston trip I had my eye on a few of the new Reformation pieces (like this dress, this top , and this dress) thinking maybe if I kept them in the cart long enough I’d convince myself one was a good purchase.

For the record, I think any piece from Reformation is a great purchase. I just get a little squeamish spending more than $40 on one clothing item. 

But by some strike of luck, I was on Poshmark that day to sell some clothes and saw a pair of Reformation pants (only $40) in my size, tags still on, calling my name.

I ordered them right away and set them aside, earmarked for a Charleston adventure.

I’ve already had so many people ask me about where I bought them, where they’re from, etc. and unfortunately they were part of a collection last season and fully out of stock everywhere (except one pair I found on eBay) , but if you’re looking for spring pants I wanted to direct to a few places I’ve been looking and loving.


These pants from Cloth and Stone scream summer beach trip and look comfy enough to wear all day long.

Moon River

This brand can do no wrong, and these darling dotted shorts make a strong case for loving 80 degree weather.


Enter the queen of the daisies. While this jumpsuit might look a touch busy, tone it down with your neutrals and a denim jacket.

For spring and summer I love to pull out my collection of dainty prints, lightweight fabrics, and pastels.

Don’t be afraid to go a little more bold during the warmer months with textures or patterns on your pants, rompers, dresses, and jumpsuits. I just  balance it all with neutral and natural accessories like textured wedges and a basket bag.


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