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January 8, 2020

The One Accessory I’m Never Without

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larq water bottle review

While this blog post is not sponsored, the photos were taken for the brand’s marketing purposes and compensation was both monetary and in the form of the product. 

I think Jessica Kirby posted about the bottle first. Then I saw Julia of Gal Meets Glam share a post and many others followed suit. I’m a sucker for well-designed products and the first time I saw the LARQ bottle in person I knew it was a winner in the aesthetic department.

Lee and I always joke that we inevitably fall in love with items with a high price tag (because they’re always the ones that look the best, honestly) and the LARQ bottle does not have a simple price tag. But beyond just a clean and simple water bottle it’s actually an all-in-one purification system that eliminates 99% bacteria with a UV-C light engineered in the cap.

larq water bottle review larq water bottle review
larq water bottle review

What the company is doing is actually revolutionary. It essentially means you have a guarantee of clean water no matter where you are. It also self-cleans the stainless steel bottle every 2 hours so even if you’re not using it regularly when you do pick it up again you’re not met with that stale water bottle smell.

The science behind the built-in purification system is fascinating – you can read more about the technology behind the bottle on their website – and the insulated stainless steel keeps cold water chilled for 24 hours.


larq water bottle review

And have I mentioned they’re beautifully designed? I’ve been carry this bottle around since the beginning of December and thus far it’s my most complemented accessory. And when I mention it’s a water purifying bottle a full-blown conversation always ensues.

With a slower year on our horizon, Lee and I are looking forward to spending more time outside exploring the mountains and parks near our home in the Upstate of South Carolina and without a doubt this bottle will be going in my hiking pack.

While I haven’t attempted to purify pond water or drink from a stream, I did bring it along for our December to Indiana and Florida and felt so much better about drinking tap water (especially in FL) when I knew it had been sufficiently purified in my bottle.

larq water bottle review

I currently have the 17 oz bottle in Granite White, but if you’re looking to purchase I would honestly suggest getting the 25 oz. The extra ounces are worth the slightly higher price tag and if you’re looking for a bit more cost-effective alternative the LARQ Movement is a bit cheaper and created in a 32 ounce version.

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