Letter from the Editor: Welcome to 2020

I have been singularly inspired by candlesticks recently. You know the tapered kind that rest in cupboard drawers and sit on dusty mantles. It’s an odd item to spark both joy and curiosity – I’m aware – but there’s something uncomplicated and beautiful about a candlestick.

As children, we would visit a living history museum and on more than one occasion I would participate in the process of making candles by dipping a previously started candlestick into hot wax and then letting it cool. Over and over the process was replicated until the candle was sufficiently formed.

Even back then it was fascinating process. A methodical process that resulted in something both pretty and functional. And at that intersection of simple beauty and utilitarianism is where I find myself today. My practical nature loves things that serve a purpose – if it doesn’t serve a purpose, out it goes. (A strong nod to my Irish/Eastern European heritage, I’m sure.) But a spark of whimsy also lingers and draws me like a magpie to sparkles and colors.

It’s this idea that I want to carry with me through this next year: I can already sense 2020 will be a year of refinement and slow, beautiful growth.

So what’s in store for Some Pretty Thing in 2020?

I want to focus on what I’m passionate about more than ever this year. Now that we’re settled in the house and have stabilized our budget after a crazy year of buying and renovating, we’ll be working on even more house projects that will inevitably end up as posts on the blog and videos on YouTube.

Capsule Wardrobes – I’ve never done an official capsule wardrobe challenge but I have been slowly editing my clothing and replace my cheaper clothes with ones that will last. The end of the month will be the first Winter Capsule Wardrobe post and I plan on documenting the entire evolution of my wardrobe + style.

Clean Beauty + Home Products – coming up this month I’m excited to give a very thorough review of a clean skincare brand out of New Zealand that I’ve been testing for over a month now. And that’s just the start!

Living With Less – I’ve never been one for clutter, but it’s easy to see how things can fill up in nooks and crannies when you own a home. Interested to see my process for getting rid of the excess? I’ll be sharing it all on the blog this coming year.

Organization Ideas – From my kitchen to the hall closet, every closet, cupboard, and cabinet is fair game to be organized this year.

I hope you’ll enjoy following along this coming year. I’m hoping to expand my content to encompass both video and blog so be on the lookout for new YouTube content in the coming months.

As for the moment, you can always follow me over on Pinterest (my favorite platform) for new, inspirational content on a daily basis.

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