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Making a Simple Statement

In the world of fashion, statements are made with extravagance and boldness. Designers who want to make a statement produce collections that start trends. Ladies of fashion (socialites, models, and even bloggers) who make statements do so by committing to a trend or style that only they can pull off. I admire and draw inspiration from those people. Blair from The Atlantic Pacific is (in my opinion) a genius at selling her statement and she does so with class. Now I don’t know about you but most people can’t trot around NYC with layers and heels and see-through bags on the regular.

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Most people (including myself) often think life first fashion second. Functionality is often what I look for in a piece of clothing and if I can only see myself wearing it for one occasion or situation, I just can’t justify the purchase.

So thank goodness for those pieces we in the fashion world like to call “staples”. Staple pieces in anyone’s wardrobe are known for being versatile, functional, easy to wear, and easy to style. They’re essentially the unicorn of the fashion world so when you find that one piece you buy it in every color and pattern – which is exactly what I did with this shirt.

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I work from home 90% of my life. My day-to-day wardrobe is either athleisure or black jeans, a tee-shirt, and a baseball hat because I can’t be bothered to do my hair. However, in past wardrobe purges, I’ve found myself with fewer and fewer business casual pieces. And while I still work from home, easy blouses that are perfect for church, casual dates, and the occasional client meeting are still a closet necessity.

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This Ella Moon blouse is perfect for all the right reasons. It barely wrinkles and is breathable yet flattering. It has interesting details on the sleeves, trendy where needed, and can be dressed up or down. It’s what I like to call a simple statement blouse.

I paired it today as I would for a casual evening out to dinner, an informal work meeting, or even a fun coffee date. White jeans are another staple in my wardrobe year-round (yes, I do wear them past Labor Day) and loafers with fun elements and an updated color palette add a whimsical twist.

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