My Everyday Carry

Like everything in my life, my bag collection has been paired down and curated over the past 3-4 years. I've never been a big 'purse-for-every-occasion' girl and even now that I have my style firmly locked in place, I have a few different styles and see no need to ever waver from them.

I've gotten questions in the past about my bags, what I love, why I don't do designer so here we are with a thorough review of my entire bag collection and why they are one of my favorite categories of my wardrobe.

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Today's Post Will Cover

  • My entire purse/bag/handbag collection
  • What I use each one for
  • What I love about them
  • Why I don't do designer

Type One: Tote Bags

I own two totes that are essentially my daily carry. First is the Madewell Transport Tote in the classic English Saddle color and the second is the Portland Leather Goods Classic Tote in medium.

On a normal day of running errands, coffee shop hangs, and work days, I've just gravitated toward totes because of their versatility and space. There's nothing I hate more than getting in and out of my car, store, shop and needed to shove keys, masks, phone, lists, etc. into a tiny bag.

Totes just hold all my essentials really well. And, in the case of my Portland Leather tote, things don't get lost inside the bag because it's not overly huge.

Madewell Transport Tote Quick Facts

Shop the Transport Tote

Size: One Size

Color: English Saddle

Price: $168

Durability: High. I've had mine for 5 years and other than the leather slightly changing colors (as leather does) there's no loss of quality

Pros: Buy this once and you'll never have to buy another tote again

Cons: a bit floppy around the top // pricy

Everyday carry 1

Portland Leather Goods Classic Tote Quick Facts

*This product was gifted to me back in 2019 and I created this blog post review in collaboration with the brand.

Size: Medium

Color: Mine is Moab which no longer exists by that name online. It is now called Cognac.

Price: $140

Durability: High. I've carried mine almost every day since fall 2019 and other than a slight patina on the exterior it's in beautiful condition

Pros: A nifty loop snap on the interior that's perfect for holding my mask.

Cons: none I can think of

Shop the Classic Tote

Everyday carry 2

Type Two: Backpacks

I have the most bags in this category, but backpacks are so versatile that I can't seem to let go of any of my three. I carry backpacks when I'm going to be out working all day away from home and need my computer, notebooks, and other accessories.

I also carry my smaller backpacks almost exclusively while traveling. I like the thought of a very hands-free travel experience and also having my valuables tucked away behind a zipper.

Madewell Transport Rucksack Quick Facts

Shop the Rucksack

Size: One Size

Color: English Saddle

Price: $179

Durability: High. I pack this thing full when I'm out working all day and there's not a stitch undone or a tear in sight

Pros: It can fit everything I need for a mobile office. Good size pouches on the interior.

Cons: I don't love the design of the cinch top, but it is handy to get things out quickly

Everyday carry 3

Two Small Backpacks

Unfortunately, I can't link or share any specific information about either of my small travel backpacks because the first one my dad bought in Australia probably 12-13 years ago and the other has just been around in my life for years. No idea where it came from.

But I will say, small backpacks are lifesavers when it comes to travel or even day trips. I'm not looking to add any more to my collection, but if I was these would be the ones I would consider.

Type Three: Crossbody & Wallets

Are you seeing a theme here? Clearly I am a big fan of Madewell, leather, and the color English Saddle. My newest addition to my bag collection is the Madewell Simple Crossbody Bag and boy do I love it. And my wallet that I've had for years and years is . . . you guessed it, the Madewell Leather Pouch Clutch. My loyalty runs deep for this brand and bags.

Madewell Simple Crossbody Quick Facts

Shop the Simple Crossbody

Size: One Size

Color: English Saddle

Price: $98

Durability: I can't speak to this as much because I just got it a few months ago, but so far so good.

Pros: Incredibly lightweight // fully zipped top for safety

Cons: my current wallet is a bit too big for the interior

Everyday carry 7

Madewell Leather Pouch Clutch Quick Facts

Size: One Size

Color: English Saddle

Price: $49

Durability: Super High. No issues with the zipper or interior

Pros: fits everything

Cons: none

Everyday carry 6

Novelty and Extras

The final two bags I own don't fit into any category expect for special occasions/novelty. The first is a little straw bag that fits a pair of sunglasses and my phone. It's definitely more of a prop bag or evening summer bag than one I use on the regular. But the touches of floral fabric, deep orange exterior are sweet little touches.

The second bag is much more functional, but one I still don't carry often and that's the Lo and Sons Claremont camera bag. It's so perfect when we don't need to bring all our gear along on a trip. It snugly fits our Sonya7r3 body and a lens in the main body with a couple slots for the charger and a memory card.

Everyday carry 5
Everyday carry 8

Why I Don't Buy Designer Bags

Here's the thing, I've never been one for labels. Loud, proud, very visible labels. I have nothing against designers who paint their branding in wide swaths across their leather goods, hoodies, and jackets, but personally I like a more subtle statement.

I also don't believe that when you buy a Louis Vuitton Neverfull you're getting a supremely higher quality (emphasis on quality) bag than my Portland Leather Goods tote. A huge argument for designer is that they'll last a lifetime and while that may certainly be the case I've found so many brands with bespoke, quality goods without the label or the price tag that I would all but guarantee would last my lifetime too.

I've never had a desire to carry a heavily branded designer item, nor have I ever thought the price tag was worth it for the status symbol/label. Does that mean I never will? Or I will never own a designer item one day? Who knows!

But I do know that my Madewell and quality leather collection isn't going anywhere anytime soon.