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My 7 Most Worn Winter Items

Although we're about to transition into everything spring I wanted to share one final winter style post heavily inspired by the always inspirational Style Bee.

If you can swing it - both mentally and monetarily - shopping for clothes "off season" is one of the great hacks of life. Most people get excited about new clothes purchases for the upcoming season - spring/summer in this case - and the thought of buying knits and coats is a little unappealing. But now is when you can get THE BEST deals on all the items for the upcoming winter.

A few things have to happen though,

  • you have to know what you need to replace or purchase for your wardrobe
  • you have to have a classic style or be willing to buy classic pieces not trendy, one-season pieces
  • you have to be willing to purchase clothes and put them away for a full season before wearing them

So to help you get inspired about shopping off season, or if you just need a little push to get you past the "ugh" of still dressing for winter, here are my top worn winter items and what I'm scrolling through sales to find for next winter.

ONE | Alex Mill Button Back Sweater

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An intensely versatile sweater with beautiful details, this was my first Alex Mill piece and made me a brand convert for life.

I have worn this sweater in so many outfits and so many ways throughout the fall and winter - over dresses, under coats, with jeans, leggings - and I can envision styling it with Birks and shorts for a chilly spring day.

Truly one of my most worn wardrobe items and while it's not on sale, it would be a staple item if you like the style to purchase for now and later.

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TWO | Black Mock Neck Turtleneck

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Fun fact, I'm extremely claustrophobic which means not only do caves freak me out but turtleneck make me feel like I'm dying.

If you can wear turtlenecks with ease - I'm both excited for you and also jealous - but if you're like me a mock neck is the next best thing.

A simple black, ribbed turtle or mock neck is one of my most worn items and getting time to replace. Mine is several years old and from a partnership with Primark I did 4 years ago. But it's lasted all this time and I swear I wear it daily some weeks.

THREE | Toms Chelsea Boots

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I've had these boots for 3 years now and every single year they're my go-to Greenville winter boot.

Actually I've worn them too many places to count – hiking in Acadia National Park, walking around NYC, visiting Charleston – and it's finally time for a new pair.

They have been a great boot and very durable for their price but I'm actually going to upgrade them a bit to the Margeaux Chelsea Boot.

While some people might not feel like chelsea boots are extremely stylish I look at them a lot like my Birkenstocks - they may come and go out of trendy fashion but the style works well for me, I've learned how to style them and they're always comfortable.

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FOUR | Sezane Denim

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Last year I made a big Sezane denim purchase and rounded up all my thoughts and opinions in a YouTube video.

Well, almost a year later I'm happy to report that these two pair of denim are still the most worn in my closet. They just fit so well and are so easy to style.

I'm tempted to try out a few other pairs from Sezane just to see how well they hold up against my current pairs.

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FIVE | Penfield Waterproof Jacket

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I bought this jacket secondhand from either ThredUp or Poshmark before our trip to Maine last year (seen above) and really wear it nonstop in Greenville through the rainy winter months. While we do get cold days that call for heavier coats, this is the jacket I've been reaching for the most this winter.

It's perfect for our daily walks in the late afternoon when it's chilly or rainy and it's easy to throw on over sweatshirts or heavier sweaters.

Penfield doesn't have a great online presence at the moment but you can often find their past collaborations and items on secondhand websites like ThredUp, Poshmark, and eBay.

SIX | Kith Beanie

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While I know there are other very similar beanies on the market that do a great job and look lovely, I do love my Kith beanie.

The one I have was part of a sold out collection around Christmas, but if you want an introduction to the Kith brand their new spring collection is gold.

SEVEN | Lululemon Belt Bag

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I have to admit I got this not too long ago, so I can't really count it as being worn "all winter" but after experiencing how much it holds and how easy it is to use, I've been wearing it nonstop.

Originally, I got this bag as a trial run to test out some different travel/airport bag configurations. But once I found out my phone, kindle, keys, cards, cash, mask, etc. could all fit in this washable $38 bag I knew I would never return it.

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