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My Vegamour Experience

It's all about the hair in today's post. I think by this point we all know that skincare is an important part of our grooming routine. Whether you're a 7-step system gal or a wash/moisturiz-er, quality skincare lands pretty high on the priority purchase list. But what about shampoo? Conditioner? Scalp massagers?

Chances are, unless you're an avid TikTok watcher and saw hair videos go viral last year or you're a beauty blogger, haircare might not be as high of a priority as skincare is.

It wasn't for me until a few years when I started to read about the insane amount of chemicals that drugstore shampoos use and that our scalp is one of the most absorbent areas on our body. That made me rethink my haircare routine.

Today's post is dedicated to one haircare brand getting it right: Vegamour.

Thank you to Vegamour for sponsoring this post.
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A Vegamour Introduction

A brand that needs no introduction – I'm sure you've seen their beautiful pink bottles all over the internet – but we'll give them a welcome anyway. Last year around Christmas, after copious amounts of shampoo brand research, I wanted to up my game and made my first Vegamour purchase.

I was specifically looking for a shampoo that was synthetic ingredient-free and would work to help restore my hair – it was feeling a little thin and a little dull.

A few points during my research phase that impressed me about Vegamour was:

  • their science-backed formulas
  • vegan formulations with an emphasis on keeping chemicals out of products
  • cruelty-free
  • the backing of the internet on their effectiveness to liven, grow, boost hair

After reading a few trustworthy reviews and their website from back to front I pulled the trigger with a shampoo and scalp massager purchase.

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Vegamour First Impressions

Starting with the most basic and inconsequential point first – the products are beautiful. They have taken the time to truly create a beautifully branded company and the bottles are so pretty sitting in my shower.

Butt that's not the reason I bought them again. I went back for seconds and thirds and beyond because these products work. I dive a little deeper into my review of the individual products below, but from an initial impressions sake, I keep coming back to them because they make my hair strong and soft and healthy. Which just so happened to be my hair goals for 2021. And if you've found a good thing, why change it up!

I've now consistently used the shampoo for about a year, the hair massager a few times a week for just as long and have been using the conditioner and Detoxifying Scalp Serum for about 4 weeks and if the healthy hair photos below don't convince you to try it for yourself (seriously, the shine is from my shampoo/conditioner alone), keep reading for an in-depth review of each product.

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GRO Revitalizing Shampoo

Like I mentioned previously, I've been using the shampoo on and off for about a year now. I've put it on reorder status over and over because of the difference it made with my hair.

Two of the biggest things I noticed right away - or after a couple weeks of consistent use - was how strong my hairs felt and how soft they were. I don't always use conditioner because I feel like it makes my hair oily faster, but just with this shampoo I didn't feel like I NEEDED to with every wash.

The price point is a little steep compared to other shampoos, but this is a large bottle at 8 oz and lasts me a few months of washes.

Quick Facts:

Price: $48 one-time purchase or $42 for a subscription

Benefits: Strength and shine

Active Ingredient: proprietary Karmatin™ (a 100% vegan silk keratin

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GRO Revitalizing Conditioner

If I'm going to use a conditioner it's going to be a quality one. Drugstore conditioner has never been my friend. I've been able to see it flake and build up on my hair and always leaves my hair oily.

After using the Vegamour conditioner, it's apparent that quality conditioner really makes a huge difference.

About every three days when I wash my hair I use a dime size amount of conditioner and apply to ends of my hair. Nourishing is the word I would use to describe this product. It seals in moisture and help smooth out my hair. I've not had a split end since using it either which I consider a big win!

Quick Facts:

Price: $48 one-time purchase or $42 for subscription

Benefits: seals in moisture, only need a small amount, no sulfates, adds volume

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GRO Scalp Detoxifying Serum

A clean scalp is a healthy one and this serum works overtime to make sure your scalp is free from excess oils, product build up, and aggravations. Use once per week on dry hair. Let it sit for a few minutes then shampoo as usual.

This works so well to clear out the build up that can happen on our scalp from products like hair spray, dry shampoo, and heat protectant. I usually use an apple cider vinegar rinse for this process but I will have to say this serum smells 10x better and works like a dream!


Scalp Massager:

This is just the ultimate at-home spa-like luxury. The soft, pliable bristles on this brush stimulate blood flow in your scalp and give you all the benefits of a scalp massage in your own shower. If you're looking to increase hair production, soft scalp massages will help speed up the process.


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Final Thoughts on Vegamour

One of the things I love the most about this brand is how comprehensive their hair care line is. You can one-stop shop for everything from shampoo to their best selling GRO Hair Serum if you're experience hair loss or thinning.

They even have a full lash and brow line that I'm dying to try next. Their commitment to keeping sulfates and harsh hormone-disrupting chemicals out of their formulations is enough for me to be brand loyal, not to mention my amazing experience with products that actually live up to the hype.

Thank you again to the Vegamour team for working with me and sponsoring this post.