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September 12, 2018

My Workout Journey Part 2

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While last week I talked about all the steps I like to take before I start off to the gym, today I want to actually get into sharing my workout routine. It took me about 2 months before I found a system that works for me. And just remember a system that works for me may not work for you. Our bodies are all created differently and something that works for most people may be exactly the opposite of what you need.

Once you determine your workout goals you’ll be able to a system that works for you. So here’s what works for me.

I use two different apps to help me stay on track and prompt me through a workout – Aaptiv and Sweat. My target time is to spend one hour in the gym. Often my session goes a bit longer, but I try never to go shorter than an hour, only because I know I can properly ramp up, work hard, and then still get a good cool down in during the hour timeframe – and for me each of those three areas are vital for a successful workout.

It did take me a few times to get settled into a gym rhythm. I’m a very goal-oriented person so even in my workouts I needed to feel like I was accomplishing something rather than just working out hour after hour without any visible progress.

Side note: I think this is often the downfall of a lot of gym newbies. People have these awesome New Year’s resolutions to get in shape but after a month in the gym without achieving any goals it gets discouraging! Setting small goals was a huge help to overcome that mindset for me! 

As I mentioned I decided to break my hour workout into three different segments: warm up, intense workout, cool down.

Currently, I’m in the middle of the BBG workout for an extra challenge, but let me walk you through a normal workout schedule.

6 pm – walk down to the gym

I mention this because I consider this step a pre-gym warm up. We walk down a very long hallway and down a flight of stairs to get to our gym. It’s what called a dynamic warmup where you start to activate your muscles so they’re not cold when you jump into your first activity.

6-6:20 – Cardio

I get bored just doing the same thing over and over so I switch this up. One day I’ll hop on the treadmill, other days I’ll opt for the stair stepper machine. No matter the exercise, I try to get my heart rate up and at least break a sweat.

And this is where I LOVE Aaptiv! The app is built on audio-based workouts so you don’t have to worry about watching a video while also keeping with the stair step machine, which makes such a difference! You have the option to pick your difficulty level, the amount of time you have per exercise, and type of music you want to listen to because the other awesome thing is each workout has a pre-curated playlist that plays behind your trainer’s instructions so there’s never just silence!

I hop on the app at the very beginning of the workout, choose a 20-minute cardio workout and have the Aaptiv trainer take me through step-by-step of a cardio workout.

6:20-6:50 – BBG Workout 

Currently, because I wanted to challenge myself, I’m going through the BBG workout by Kayla Itsines. So the bulk of my workout I spend going through either the Full Body, Abs & Arms, or Legs workout. Next week I’ll share all about this workout program because this post is getting too long already!

6:50-7/7:10 – Cool Down/Stretch 

This part is what I look forward to every gym night. I do love working out, but the stretching exercises after my workout to loosen up and cool down is so relaxing and satisfying! I pull out my Aaptiv app again for this section because naturally, I tend to rush through stretches instead of taking the time to breathe through them. My Aaptiv trainer has the best 15-minute cool down routine complete with chill music in the background and beautiful stretches that feel so wonderful on aching muscles.

And that’s my workout routine in a nutshell. I know, it’s a lot to explain, but honestly, if you want to download and check out the Aaptiv app it’ll make a little more sense. They have a great free trial of the app right now that got me hooked on using it! If you’re struggling with staying motivated in the gym it’s worth a download.

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